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There are a lot of people out there writing & blogging about travel. I have several Twitter lists from lists of my favorite travellers to those featuring location-specific bloggers.

My Travel Twitter Lists

My Favorite Travelers: RTW travelers on this list are likely to @reply you if you message them

Travellers, expats & locals who know something about Berlin: Interesting people who live in Berlin, not to mention bars, cafes & galleries currently on Twitter

People writing about or based in Israel: Left & right-wing news sources, as well as independent bloggers & lots of Tel Aviv locals

Hipster bloggers on Twitter: From silly hipster blogs to Pitchfork

Blogs, expats and useful information & news from India: Includes tourist companies and people living around India

Twitterers in London: This list will likely grow once (if) I ever get back to London

Recommended travel blogs & sites

Okay, so there are a lot of RTW travel writers (freelance & professional) out there. This is a list of those bloggers that I actually know or feel comfortable recommending.

Adventurous Kate I’ve met Kate a few times and her blog is one of the best resources on travelling in Southeast Asia, as well as solo female travel

Hejorama One of the best travel sites out there! Beautiful designs, interesting & unusual topics. NOT your typical travel blog

Nicole is the New Black: Expat living in Berlin, with highly informative and interesting posts about living in Berlin

Easy Travel Mom – Tips and tales of traveling easy with kids :) My sister!

Gay Travel Guide – Personalized and handpicked gay travel news, stories & more

Moving Postcard – Short videos from around the world with an extensive backlog from Brooklyn & Berlin – all filmed and edited by my friend Luci

Aaron’s Worldwide Adventure – I really enjoy Aaron’s website for its useful travel information and interesting stories, especially from East Asia

Heart Rome – Maria’s blog about life in the Eternal City is one of the best Rome travel resources

A Little Adrift - Shannon writes informative pieces on world travel, smart and poignant.

Breakaway Backpacker – Follow Jaime on his round-the-world trip. Trust me, there’s hardly a dull moment during his travels

Bridgekeeping Traveller - Mariella’s travel blog (with lots of stories from Eastern Europe) is all about “keeping alive memories, experiences and encounters with this wonderful and strange world we live in.” Her blog accomplishes this beautifully with a sense of wonderment, responsibility & open-mindedness.

The Adventures of D: Met Diana in D.C. and also Madrid. She’s awesome. Check out her website for photos of elephants or diatribes about responsible tourism.

Around the World “L”: Met Lillie in Valencia, Spain – she’s also from Boston! Her updates are so regular and often filled with bits of humor.

The Lotus and Artichoke – Vegan recipes from around the world. Justin’s travel & food blog, as well as his cookbook, are truly inspirational!

Backpack with Brock: Short, high-quality videos and really interesting & entertaining stories. Find his video of the “marriage proposal” and also getting a haircut in India – you’re sure to be entertained!

Cheryl Howard – Cheryl has a lot of great posts about travel – especially around Europe (and Berlin)

Bacon is Magic: Ayngelina’s blog is filled with stories from all over the world, but her main focus is (understandably) all about the foods we eat when we travel – I met Nick in Hampi, India when he was on holiday; now he’s traveling around the world on a big trip #RTWnow

Candice Does the World: Candice has quite the personality. I dare you to be bored reading her website!

Vagabond 3 - We share a love for tacos. What more do you need?

C’est Christine: Expat with some really thoughtful posts on a range of travel topics

Exile Lifestyle: Colin’s blog is insanely popular – I like it for all the graphic design themed posts

Go, See, Write: Finally got to meet Michael briefly in Berlin. Tons of information here from years and years of travel

Heels and Wheels: Travels from around Australia

The Jungle Princess: City-girl turned nomad, then city-girl again

Fly Brother: If you’re an airline geek or just love some quality travel stories, check out Ernest’s travel stories

Living the Dream: Jeremy has a lot of really useful RTW travel information and

Inspiring Travellers - I met Andrea & John in Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg, no less). They’ve got some great information on how to move to Australia, but also some generally inspiring and thoughtful pieces about travel.

Nomadic Matt: Met Matt in Berlin – one of the best sources for travel guides & travel info. I really enjoy his blog and philosophical ramblings

Pause the Moment: Met Ryan in Dahab – another Massachusetts blogger who certainly knows how to make the most of an exciting life

Quirky Travel Guy: Scott shares a lot of travel stories, but his content on the lesser-known places of the USA can’t be beat!

Stop Having a Boring Life: I met Rob during a crazy night out in Bangkok. Hilarious stories. A blog like no other.

Transient Travels: One of the first bloggers I met. We arranged one of the first (and few) Boston travel meetups

Waegook Tom: If you’re looking for info on being an expat in Korea, food & culinary inspiration around the world or great philosophical travel essays, read this travel blog!

Twenty-Something Travel: I met Steph, the pre-eminent twenty-something traveler in Washington, DC

2 Backpackers: Beautiful photography on this popular site

Wandering Earl: Been travelling forever, really interested in a lot of the places he visits

Dohop offers cheap flights & more! They’re great at communication

Raising Miro: Love the stories shared on this blog – almost always unique

Spunky Girl Monologues: Travel stories from a backpacker

Travel Reportage: Giulia writes passionately about a lot of subjects, Cairo especially

Man on the Lam: whatever that means? Good stories, though

Heading There travel guide Lots of travel information

Leave Your Daily Hell - I met Robert for a glass of wine in Berlin. His daily blog posts are quite the mixFound this site randomly and really into the stories that he shares!

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Berlin based bloggers & sites

uberlin Beautiful photography, a lot of focus on fashion & design. Can’t do much better than this blog, I promise you that

Travel Glam yet another Berlin-based blogger!

Other websites I like

Lynette Haggard’s art blog: Lynette has been my mentor & friend the past several years. Her blog features a lot of artist interviews and notifications from her own work as an artist in Boston

The Boy in Pink Earmuffs: My friend Jay’s GLBT comic & blog – a must read! His comics are great. Check out Banapplenut, too.

So Natural – a hipster YouTube series which is sure to entertain you!

Entertainment Realm – Amy writes about film, tv, books & more. Smart writing!

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