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How to Make Your Travel Blog Interesting

Travel bloggers are happy people who travel worldwide and share positive emotions with their followers. The process of exploring new locations and attractions is incredibly exciting. All bloggers must remember that the emotions of their followers are also important, so creating top-notch content is a top priority. But how to make your travel blog interesting? Here are the key tips to help you entertain your audience.

Write About Your First Holiday

Sometimes memories can help you create new content for your audience. For example, you may remember the first time you went on a vacation trip. Describe your emotions when you first saw the ocean, mountains, forests, or steppes. Surely you were in awe of the opportunity to see something outstanding. In addition, you can tell any story about how you were able to combine your studies at the university and travel.

Many students become bloggers thanks to the ability to delegate papers. The fact is that many descriptive services help young people get rid of academic stress. Don’t be afraid to tell your audience that you use special sites to find writing services worth attention and appreciation. Show them that your first holiday got so emotional because you could get away from the academic routine. However, make sure you talk about the safety issues that may prevent your readers from making significant mistakes. Give quick instructions on how to select the most reliable and trustworthy service. For example, don’t forget to mention that it is essential to read reviews of the writing service you would like to use. Because at first, the service might look reliable, but when you read something like reviews, you can change your mind. 

Write About Yourself

Feel free to write about any of your life stories or unique experiences. The fact is that any blogger is a media personality that is interesting to people. Your subscribers would probably like to know about any funny situations or stories that happened to you. Thanks to this new content, you will be able to show that you are a real person and not a fake. People need a personal brand and bloggers who are not afraid to speak the truth. Just a couple of true stories, and you can become more popular.

Your Thoughts on a Destination

Writing a script is unnecessary, like in hundreds of monotonous travel shows. Share your thoughts on a destination and focus on those aspects that excite you the most. Why did you decide to choose a particular hotel or tourist location? Why did you rent an SUV instead of a convertible? Why didn’t you choose the most expensive room in the hotel? Answer all these questions and be honest with your audience. There is nothing worse than empty and non-emotional posts on Instagram. You should not copy thousands of accounts where photos and a couple of short videos replace a personal opinion.


While traveling, you will surely meet interesting people or even celebrities. Surely your subscribers will be delighted with the exclusive interview. Find a local celebrity or someone who can tell you where you are staying. Such a travel format will surely appeal to people. But you will have to prepare questions in advance not to spend a lot of time on the interview. Even 20-30 minutes is enough to ask someone about key sights and historical facts.

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Traveling Things You Don’t Like

Not all travel stories are like fairy tales. Sometimes even bloggers come across bad services, hotels or resorts. What if your car broke down or the hotel representatives forgot to book a room for you? Did the local food taste bad? Then why are you silent and do not talk about what you did not like? Your audience deserves the truth, even if you have to be open about the negative aspects.

The fact is that modern society is too tolerant, and the discussion of negative emotions is considered something indecent. But what if your followers want to take the same route as you? In this case, you should honestly describe all the shortcomings of such an adventurous undertaking. Be honest, and your blog will become more interesting for your audience and new subscribers.

Insert Your Images

What if you have a WordPress blog and love writing travel articles? This format becomes less interesting for a wide audience, but you still have a chance to become popular. But do not forget that people want to see interesting articles with lots of pictures and videos. Do not copy classic images from photo stocks: travel and take photos.

Add original images with your emotions, and you will become more interesting for your audience. Honest emotions are what people need. Even students can travel so you don’t need to be guided by which countries you should visit. Focus on what a person in a certain area can see and what emotions it will cause. It is the pictures that will help you broadcast your emotions and mood.

Visit Places Where No One Has Been Before

How many bloggers visit New York, Paris, or Barcelona? Why are all these guys so obsessed with the best hotels and restaurants? How about unique places where no one has been before? Visit Antarctica, Greenland, the Namib Desert, or the Amazon rainforest. Show places where luxury bloggers haven’t been yet. You will be surprised, but people want to see something special and outstanding. Backpacking through the Mojave Desert is much more fun than taking pictures from a hotel window in Dubai. People are tired of fake bloggers. Show them that the world is much bigger than they think.

How Long Should a Travel Blog Post Be?

There is not a single clear criterion that would regulate the length of your publications or articles. But let’s focus on how long people are willing to read articles. Usually, most people get tired after 5-10 minutes of reading. Your articles should not be longer than 2-3 thousand words. This optimal format will allow you to retain your audience and make really interesting publications. Divide your article into several parts, especially if you don’t want to lose any important content.

Final Words of Blogging Advice

The life of a travel blogger can be perfect, especially if you love to travel. But don’t choose trivial destinations as thousands of other people have done the same. Choose unique routes, and don’t forget that people need something interesting. Surprise your subscribers, and do not forget that the choice of locations is very important. Create interesting photo content, and you can stand out from the crowd.