If you remember my goals before turning 30, I’ve got big plans to focus on photography skills over the next 12 months. And seeing how it’s the holiday season, I thought I’d share some of the things that I’m pining for this Christmas. Actually…because of this here blog, some of these gifts have even already luckily landed in my lap!

This 2013 Holiday Gift Guide is my modern-day take on gifts for the fashion-friendly folks looking to embrace photography in their everyday lives. And as a HUGE special bonus, I’m giving away one of these very special cameras to two lucky readers! The contest details are at the bottom of the post… Trust me: you’ll want to see the contest – it’s nearly $500 in prizes!!

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Photography Lovers
Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Photography Lovers

10 Camera-Themed Gifts for Photo Fans

From photography apps to books and, naturally, cameras, I’ve included some of the coolest things I’ve discovered this year that relate to photography. Have a suggestion or tip? Be sure to leave it in the comments!

Printic AppMobile Photo Printing

Buy it: Free download; $0.49/print | More info | Review

I discovered this app a few months ago and tried it out by printing a few fake polaroids. The app is really easy to use and the quality of the photos (glossy, square format) are really nice. You can print messages on them and have them delivered as gifts, but I’ve kept my prints for myself to hang on my wall.

Wearable CameraWearable Camera

Buy it: From $399 | More info

Guys, this camera seems like it is so, so cool! Essentially you clip it on or wear it, then you go out explorin’ & adventurin’ and it’ll automatically take photos throughout the day. There are sensors & such to keep it from sharing too much, but it looks to be an awesome way to capture a trip.

Lens-style CameraLens-Style Camera

Buy it: From $248 | More info | Review

This camera is great for street-style photographers looking to take covert photos and share them wirelessly. It’s addictive to use and a lot of fun to play with if you sync it up to your mobile phone. Picture quality is good and it’ll definitely make your friends jealous. I use this new camera myself because it’s small, lightweight and user-friendly.

Photography How-to BooksPhotography How-To Books

Buy it: From $16.99 | More info

I received one of these books as a birthday gift & I’ve enjoyed flipping through it, using it as a photography guide to enhance skills. They’re simple, but that works perfectly for people like myself who are often easily distracted. After reading, I just want to get out and shoot more photos!

Cool Camera BagStylish Camera Bag

Buy it: From $119 | More info

The absolute worst part about carrying around a digital SLR camera is having to deal with packing. Thankfully I discovered these beautiful camera bags which don’t look so obvious and still maintain the sense of style I want to keep when traveling.

iPhonesMobile Phone

Buy it: From $599 | More info

If there’s a camera I use more than any other, it’s without a doubt my iPhone. I travel with my iPhone4, but the newest models are definitely on my wish list. The camera quality on the iPhone is one of the best and it only keeps getting better. Also: it’s probably my favorite camera.

Polaroid VintageVintage Camera

Buy it: From $119 / (or buy used) | More info

I’ve got a few old Polaroid cameras and they’re probably the most fun cameras I’ve got. The film can be expensive, though, so I rarely travel with them. Instead I keep it around my house and take it out for parties. You can find old Polaroids in most flea markets these days, but as time goes on, they’re getting more and more expensive. Buy sooner rather than later!

Humans of New YorkCoffee Table Book

Buy it: From $17.99 | More info

Since my interest in photography has grown, so has my interest in photo blogs. If you’re not familiar with this blog, get on it! Brandon’s photos come with strangers’ stories. It’s a beautiful glimpse into daily NY life and the book does a great job of capturing that same essence from the blog.

Olympus PEN cameraModern-day Camera

Buy it: From $999 | More info

Last month in London I had the chance to hang out with fashion photographer Jay McLaughlin at an Olympus event. He kindly explained why he shoots with Olympus cameras and then I had the chance to play with the entire collection. My favorite was the retro-looking Olympus PEN E-P5 which looks like an old film camera but actually takes beautiful digital shots. This is the camera on my list for Santa!

Kneadle t-shirtsHipster T-shirt

Buy it: From $24 | More info

I’m a sucker for cool t-shirts and the California design agency Kneadle never disappoints (you might remember my Httpster t-shirt from last year). One of their new designs, Once is a Mistake, Twice is a Style, made me think of the way I’m treating photography this year. It’s important to experiment, to break the rules and to have fun while doing it. Now I can look good while photographing, too!

Holiday Gift Guide - 2013

Your Chance to Win a SonyQX10 Camera!

And what gift guide wouldn’t be complete without your chance to come away with one of the very same gifts I’m recommending! It’s the holiday season after all! To enter, simply fill out the form below — there are lots of ways to enter but by joining the contest, you’ll also be required to sign up for my forth coming email newsletter (only once per month, your privacy guaranteed, etc etc). This contest is nearly $500 in gifts and I’ll ship the prizes worldwide :) Consider it a thank you for following and sharing my blog this year. Just wait until you see what I’ve got planned for 2014!

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