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Berlin’s Bauhaus-Inspired Hotel: Ku’ Damm 101

While working on my updated Berlin city guide, I spent a lot of time looking up Berlin’s hotels. And thanks to an introduction from the helpful folks at visitBerlin tourism, I was introduced to the Ku’ Damm 101 hotel. It’s located in the western part of Berlin, along the famous Ku’damm street (Kurfurstendamm).

The Ku’ Damm hotel is a budget-friendly hotel, but not a boring one. When you first walk in the lobby, you might feel like you’ve entered a spaceship. The design of the hotel has been inspired by the works of master architect Le Corbusier. He wasn’t actually a Bauhaus teacher in Weimar or Dessau, but his work was a huge inspiration to the design movement.

And in the Swiss-designed Ku’ Damm 101 hotel, the design is easily apparent. Simple, bold lines in the architecture of the hotel provide accent (with color!) to help define the space. Rooms are very spacious, as well and I especially loved the spot-colored chairs in the hotel room.

le corbusier design hotel

It’s only disadvantage is its location, though that’s probably not a disadvantage for most visitors. While the Ku’damm neighborhood is a great place for shopping in Berlin, the city’s best nightlife and many of my favorite restaurants are located further east in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.

The location is great, though, for those looking to shop or sightsee. It’s convenient to Berlin’s most touristic hotspots and easy to reach on public transportation. Plus if you’re arriving via Tegel Airport, it’d be hard to find a hotel that’s more convenient and just as cool.

The hotel is immediately recognized as hip just upon entering. The lobby is a funky mix of furniture, curves and columns which make the space interesting and delightful. Yes, delightful. The columns, which also appear in some of the rooms, provide for little nooks and private spaces.

kudamm hotel lobby

Besides the spacious rooms and the funky hotel lobby, it’s the hotel’s rooftop which wins my admiration. The hotel’s breakfast is served up there each morning with floor-to-ceiling windows wrapping around nearly the entire roof. Plus there’s a balcony for when the weather is warm. And bonus: the hotel makes its own honey from bees that also live up on the roof!

kudamm hotel rooftop

For more about Bauhaus Berlin, try the following:

  • Bauhaus Archive Museum of Design — art & design museum with art, documents and literature about the Bauhaus art period
  • Berlin Modernist Housing Estates one of the city’s four UNESCO World Heritage sites, scattered across Berlin are some apartment building complexes built in the 1920s and 1930s which revolutionized modern urban housing. Check out the Hufeisensiedlung in particular — great for a warm-weather summer stroll

Rates at the hotel are as low as 66€ per night — check for the best deals. Some of the photos here are courtesy of the hotel.

ku' damm 101 hotel
kudamm hotel
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