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One month as a hipster Berliner

Berlin Photobooth
This pretty much sums up all the good times I had in Berlin: a photostrip some friends and I made at 5am, after cheap & crappy falafel and dancing all night.


It’s been a while since I updated and a lot has happened in the past few weeks. If you’ve been following along on my Tumblr, I was keeping a daily journal of everything I did my first few weeks living a hipster summer #inberlin. While looking for summer jobs in Berlin I’ve had a LOT of fun, and as it turns out, I even found a job in Berlin! Quick summary of some of the tumblr highlights include some things like this:

I stopped writing more #inberlin stories over a week ago. Why? I couldn’t keep up. Things only got more awesome and I decided I didn’t want to share too much. Plus, once I got behind on updating, I couldn’t catch up. Original plan was to it straight for 30 days. I think I might start it up again soon though, possibly as a vlog (video blog) on YouTube (Check out my travel blog channel on YouTube). Thoughts? Suggestions? Is anyone interested? Is this just a completely narcissistic exercise in lieu of me writing in my actual journal, my fourth Moleskine? (Actually, now I’ve got a fifth Moleskine as well because my first Berlin roommates for the summer gave me a gift last weekend!)

As for getting a summer job in Berlin (well, is it really summer when the weather has been this crappy? up for discussion…), things are going interestingly. It’s an internship and my emotions on it have fluctuated a lot. It’s a bit weird to be thinking of things like buying a comforter at IKEA and setting up a local bank account rather than finding the best deal on travel insurance, but I’ve started adjusting. I’ll be sharing more about how I got a job in Berlin, what it was like deciding to live in Berlin for a while, and so on and so forth. In summary, though, I’ll share this: Berlin is awesome.

The end.


  1. Hell yeah!  Glad you’re here to stay for a while!  I’m in bavaria right now for a tiny vacation but i’ll be back tomorrow.. looking forward to our next encounter.

  2. I love this!! Yay!! Berlin ROCKS! You’re my new idol. PS — any more jobs over there for moi? I have two cats that want to learn German.

    • Adam says:

      Hahahaha, thanks Diana! Seems like it’s fairly easy to find work in Berlin–legal or otherwise. The city just feels like a place where big things can and will happen so I’m pretty excited to be here right now.

  3. Heather says:

    Curious to hear about the internship and what you’re up to! It’s easy to get behind on sharing and blogging but living life is more important. We’ll be here to learn about the challenges and excitement when you have an opportunity to tell us :-)

  4. good post berlin is a very nice place


    YOU FAKE HIPSTER!!! where were you last night? iron&wine concert? I don’t think so! I saw you dancing to disco music last night!

    • Adam says:

      I was dancing ironically, though! Plus, free booze wins over live music. That should be proof of hipster enough !!!

  6. Stefanie says:

    Dr. Pong’s sounds awesome! WHERE is there a table tennis bar in the States? I need to know!

    • Adam says:

      Seriously! If there isn’t one, someone should get on that and ASAP. It could be big.

  7. Julie says:

    Berlin is such a great place – it is so alive with the hints of past history!  Great places for nightlife as well…. Keep us posted.

  8. Rayj says:

    One month as a hipster Berliner? what an idea.. :) Great expedience I think. Hoping to rock Berlin too.

  9. Nice post. Berlin is nice place to visit. Moreover, I would recommend all to explore Virginia and its beautiful places! Especially Luray is awesome.

  10. charlotte says:

    HI Adam!
    Ive had fun browsing your blog, especially about Berlin. I know what you mean though, about not wanting to share too much about your experiences. Sometimes the best memories are best savored and protected.
    Im going back to Cali in a couple weeks after traveling though Europe for 3 months. Im going to organize myself, regoup, go to Aruba for a wedding and come back to Berlin. :)

    • Adam says:

      Hey Charlotte!
      Thanks so much for commenting :)

      Sounds like you have a good plan for the future. Just took a quick look at your blog and it seems you really had a good time in Berlin!!

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