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7 Fun, Easy, and Silly Ways to Cheer You Up

I think a lot of us can agree that the past few years were kinda shit. I’m determined to make things better, though, and to just enjoy life a little more fully.

There’s this feeling that every year is going to be progressively more challenging because of so world events conspiring against us, but hopefully with the right attitude and a whole lot more of activism, we collectively can turn this world around. Here’s what I propose:

7 Fun & Easy Ways To Make This Year Better

More Kisses - 7 Fun & Easy Ways To Make This Year Better -

Kiss a stranger

I’m all for free hugs, but maybe that’s not enough anymore. Without being domineering or creepy (please don’t be creepy), let’s vow to kiss each other more.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the European style of hello kisses, though I’m always confused on the count. Is it one, two or three kisses hello, and do you start on the right or the left cheek? I don’t care anymore—four kisses hello for everyone!

7 Fun & Easy Ways To Make This Year Better -

Climb a tree

Ever since I turned 30, I feel like I’ve both grown up as an adult, but also re-embraced my childish tendencies. Anytime I want to cheer up, I know I’ve got to get out into the real world. To disconnect and, yep, to climb a tree or lay in a hammock.

I’m like a big little kid and the freedom that comes with being slightly wiser with age while simultaneously embracing the wildness of being a kid again—it’s fucking fantastic.

Let’s go outside more and be more silly. Fly a kite; climb a tree—be a kid again! Touch grass. Because the joy of childhood shouldn’t be lost with age.

7 Fun & Easy Ways To Make This Year Better -

Do a Facebook live video

LOL, okay okay okay. This whole live video trend is cute. Sometimes annoying, but also cute. Maybe I’m eating up all my data on my phone, but I’m living for it.

I want to watch you eat strawberries at 4 a.m. and I want to hear about that boy who didn’t text back. And you best believe I want to watch whatever it is you’re doing at that music festival over there.

Gay Magazines

Read an independent magazine

News has become oddly monotonous. The crazies will continue to tweet and post terrible things and The New York Times will continue reporting on it. I used to believe it was important to be acutely aware of the world, but frankly, I’m over it.

Well, not completely. I still need to know things and I think we should all be mindful of our surroundings. Recently, I’ve started reading more and more independent magazines—less about news and more about what to eat, where to go and weirdly fun things to do.

Go into any newsstand or bookstore and you’ll find more and more independent magazines on the shelves. They are way more cheerful and cheery than the doomsday news you’ll find on news apps.

Pick one up, try it out and just read something different for a change.

7 Fun & Easy Ways To Make This Year Better -

Make a charitable donation

If there’s one thing pretty clear from last year, it’s that social activism is going to have be stronger, better and much more fierce.

I’m working hard to make things better for myself, but a big part of that is getting more actively involved with those organizations that matter.

Donations of time, money and objects are going to go a lot further than we think, so let’s do what we can. Helping others is always a great way to help yourself.

7 Fun & Easy Ways To Make This Year Better -

Go for a walk out in nature

Is there anything more relaxing than just getting away from the world? I admit it’s a big part of why I travel these days—to simply escape my current reality.

But recently I’ve discovered the ease and delight of simple getaways. There’s an overwhelming calmness from going out for a walk somewhere quiet, away from the city.

I visited a desert in Argentina and I think it was the most relaxed I’ve felt ever. The calmness of deserts is strangely soporific for me. More nature!

7 Fun & Easy Ways To Make This Year Better -

Send a postcard

Listen, social media is great and all—but it’s also emotionally and physically draining.

Let’s spend less time posting selfies on Instagram and vow to send more actual, real, live postcards. Start collecting your friends’ home addresses sooner rather than later.

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