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What to do on Christmas Day so you Don’t Go Crazy from Boredom

Christmas day is a weird day. You’re most likely off from work, away from school, maybe back at your parents house or some extended family member’s house. And just about everything is closed. It’s hard to even find a grocery store open on Christmas day!

And, honestly, that’s how it should be.

Christmas boredom

The day off feels really special—no matter how or even if you celebrate Christmas. But it’s a true day off when you’re nearly forced to disconnect from your regular day-to-day life.

But, then, what are you supposed to do? I’ve spent plenty of Christmas days alone or nearly alone, and honestly it’s one of my favorite days. There’s so much to do even if you don’t think of it at first!

Below are my suggestions on fun things to do when you’ve got the whole day to essentially do…nothing.

What To Do on Christmas Day

1. Decorate Your Home

Turn home decorating into a new holiday tradition. Whether it’s setting up a Christmas decorations last-minute, or moving furniture around, it can be a fun thing to do with others or alone. It’s a joyful way to reminisce about memories and create new ones.

2. Bake Christmas Treats

Make baking a festive event by trying new recipes or putting unique twists on classic treats. Host a cookie decorating competition, involving family and friends, and savor the delicious results together.

3. Watch Christmas Movies

Create a cozy movie night with blankets, hot cocoa, and a mix of classic and contemporary Christmas films. Consider a themed marathon, like ’80s classics or international holiday movies, for a unique cinematic experience.

4. Exchange Gifts

Make gift-giving thoughtful by considering each person’s interests. Handwritten notes or homemade gifts can add a personal touch, emphasizing the spirit of giving and appreciation.

5. Cook a Special Meal

Elevate the Christmas feast with a menu that reflects your family’s culinary preferences. Try cooking a traditional dish from another culture to add a global flair to your celebration.

6. Go for a Christmas Walk or Drive

Explore the festive lights in your community, taking time to appreciate the creativity and effort put into each display. Consider creating a neighborhood scavenger hunt for specific decorations or themes.

7. Play Games

Select games that cater to different age groups and preferences. From classic board games to interactive video games, it’s a great way to bond and create a lively atmosphere.

8. Volunteer or Give Back

Connect with your community by organizing a small charity drive or volunteering at a local shelter. It’s a heartwarming way to give back and teach the importance of compassion.

9. Virtual Gatherings

Plan engaging virtual activities like online trivia, virtual escape rooms, or even a shared online cooking session. Despite physical distance, technology can bring loved ones closer during the holidays.

10. Christmas Music and Karaoke

Create a diverse playlist with everyone’s favorite holiday tunes. Encourage impromptu sing-alongs, turning the living room into a festive karaoke stage for a night of laughter and joy.

11. Read Christmas Stories

Whether it’s a classic tale or a contemporary story, reading together can instill a sense of togetherness and ignite the imagination, especially for younger family members.

12. Crafting and DIY Decorations

Explore various crafts, from making personalized ornaments to creating festive wreaths. It’s an opportunity to unleash creativity and craft unique decorations that will become cherished keepsakes.

13. Visit a Local Event

Immerse yourself in the local holiday spirit by attending events like Christmas markets or parades. Engage with the community, support local businesses, and make lasting memories.

14. Reflect and Set Goals

Create a reflective atmosphere by sharing highs and lows from the year. Setting New Year’s goals for the upcoming year, individually or as a family, can foster a sense of optimism and unity as you welcome a new chapter. This is the perfect thing to do to set intentions ahead of New Year’s Eve.