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Home for the Holidays: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Cozy Living in 2024

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Embrace the spirit of the season by bringing warmth and joy to your loved ones’ homes! Since moving to Williamsburg, Brooklyn in my first one-bedroom apartment in NYC, I’ve been kind of obsessed with home decorating. I scour home shopping websites, am constantly browsing furniture brand sales, and always on the lookout for knick-knacks and home bric-a-brac.

I’ve always been interested in design (I used to work as a graphic designer), but it wasn’t until I had my own space to design how I liked and how I wanted, that I finally found the space to create my on home. And now, as an adult in his late 30s, the only gifts I really want are ones for my home—to make my space mine.

Here, in my holiday gift guide for the home, I’ve curated an array of items to enhance the coziness and aesthetics of any living space. From stylish decor to practical essentials, these thoughtful gifts are sure to make your home feel extra special this holiday season.

Best Gifts to Give for the Home

1. Mini Fire Pits to Light Up the Room

Elevate the ambiance of any gathering with TerraFlame’s Table-Top Mini Fire Pits. These elegant yet compact fire pits add sophistication to both indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a cozy atmosphere for memorable moments.

Crafted for versatility and style, they are the perfect gift for those who appreciate the magic of flickering flames. Explore the collection at TerraFlame. I love the idea of a safe, sustainable flame for your home—a nice way to add some life indoors or on an outdoor patio. I use my TerraFlame on my rooftop but also keep it indoors to set some ambiance because it’s just such a nice piece of artwork, too.

candle in candlestick holder next to plants in home

2. Scented Candles

Illuminate your loved one’s space with the inviting scents and stylish design of a trendy candle. I truly enjoy a variety of candles, and always love buying new ones to see how they hold up with my home design aesthetic. Recently, my go-to candles have been from Keap Candles and BoySmells.

Crafted with care, these premium candles not only provide a soft, atmospheric glow but also infuse the room with delightful fragrances, creating a sensory experience for relaxation. I use Keap in my living room and BoySmells in my bathroom.

3. Coffee Table Books

Add a touch of sophistication to any living room with a curated collection of coffee table books. Choose from a variety of subjects, including art, photography, travel, or design, to reflect your recipient’s interests and elevate the aesthetics of their space.

While some homeowners and apartment-dwellers might prefer choosing their own coffee table books, they actually make a great gift because they can reflect both the gift-giver’s interests as well as the recipient’s interests—and it can be a sweet gesture.

Some new books I have set out on display in my home include Capturing Nature and Museum Bums. Capturing Nature is a beautiful book of nature printing (impressions of leafs and the such) featuring 45 different techniques and hundreds of astonishing rare images.

For a bit more light-hearted fun book, I also have a copy of Museum Bums. I’ve followed the same Twitter account & Instagram for a long time so was excited to see their book release! The book reminds me of my same blog post about the best butts of the Louvre—one of the most fun things I ever wrote!

4. Liquor Cabinet Essentials

Elevate the home bar experience with cocktail shakers, unique glassware, and small-batch local alcohols for that personal touch. Include cocktail recipe cards or a stylish recipe book to inspire mixology adventures at home, making every gathering a celebration. Even cocktail accessories like a jar of Luxardo maraschino cherries are a cute gift to give.

Or, for a more elevated cocktail-related gift, you can gift a nice set of cocktail glasses or drinkware sets. Maybe a nice wine decanter or cocktail shaker. I recently received a set of cocktail glasses from Tossware and love the colorful designs.

5. Bedroom Bliss

Transform the bedroom into a sanctuary with luxurious bedsheets and pillows. Opt for high-quality, cozy materials that enhance comfort and promote restful sleep. Whether it’s a complete bedding set or individual items, this gift is a gesture of ultimate relaxation.

In the past I’ve used Brooklinen sheets, but recently I’ve preferred some other brands for my duvet inserts, down comforters, and sheet sets. Some great home brands for bedsheets and other bedroom essentials include Bare Home,, Parachute, BedThreads, or Quince.

6. Cozy Blankets

Wrap your loved ones in warmth and comfort with cozy blankets for the bedroom or living room. A nice throw for the couch can add a touch of class to the home. Choose from a variety of styles, including weighted blankets for a soothing touch or chic design throws to complement the decor.

Perfect for chilly winter nights and snug movie marathons, these blankets are a gift of both style and substance and make for a great gift—especially if you know and understand the design aesthetic for the person you’re giving the gift to. Everyone always loves having extra blankets around.

7. Indoor Plants

Bring a touch of nature indoors with easy-to-care-for houseplants. Not only do they enhance air quality, but they also add a refreshing aesthetic to any room, making them the perfect gift for plant enthusiasts and home decorators alike.

8. Smart Home Devices

Upgrade the living space with the gift of convenience through smart home gadgets. Whether it’s a smart speaker, lighting system, or thermostat, these devices make daily tasks more streamlined and add a modern touch to any home.

Personally, I use my Google Home devices which are connected to my smart TV, my Philips HUE lights, and my JBL speakers. So much convenience!

9. Personalized Art

Consider custom artwork or personalized prints to add a unique and sentimental touch to the walls. Capture cherished memories or choose pieces that resonate with the recipient’s style, creating a truly special and meaningful gift.

One of the best gifts I gave to a friend as a housewarming gift was a portrait of their cat. I ordered a custom illustration from by artist Lauren Knight and it turned out so well! It’s such a thoughtful and kind gift that you know it’ll last forever in their home.

10. Useful Subscription Services

Gift ongoing joy throughout the year with subscription boxes or other services. Whether it’s for coffee, wine, or a monthly plant delivery, these services provide a continuous source of delight, making each month a new and exciting experience.

I also think giving a subscription to something like the NYTimes Cooking portal or a streaming service like YouTube Premium, Netflix, Hulu, or AppleTV is a sweet gift that can be useful and helpful.

For the holidays, spread the love with gifts that turn every home into a haven of comfort and style. From ambient lighting to personalized decor, these thoughtful items are sure to bring warmth and joy to your friends and family. Happy gifting!