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The Importance of a Comfortable Bed

NOTE: This blog post features some products I’ve received as complimentary gifts. You’ll see it disclosed in the text along with unique discount codes you can use to order these same products. I did not receive payment for the promotion of these products and chose them myself, reached out to the companies, and that’s why I’ve featured them—because I actually wanted them. Okay? Okay. Read on…

I once wrote an entire blog post why SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK and I’m sticking to that mantra. BUT! I also just really love a comfortable bed. And since moving into my hipster Brooklyn apartment, I’ve been spending a surprising amount of time in my bedroom—and in my bed.

One: because it’s pretty cool. And two: because it’s cozy AF and a good spot to relax, unwind, and watch Netflix. And three: it’s got to be impressive enough to be able to entertain the odd guest or two (or three).

Like every NYC bedroom, the bed is often the focal point. We’re just limited by space and it’s pretty much your only object to define and customize as your own. And as little as I might sleep, I still think the bed is one of the most important things you can own. Especially for a single guy!

The importance of a comfortable bed

• • •

When setting up my Brooklyn bedroom, I spoke to a lot of local friends for tips and advice. Eventually I stumbled on the local Brooklinen shop which makes luxury bedsheets using down goose feathers from Canada and production from Israel.

Brooklinen was kind enough to provide me with their bedroom starter set to get my apartment started. Because my room is so light and airy, I went for basic white sheets—but trust me when I say that these sheets aren’t basic!

brooklinen bedsheets

The 480-thread-count sheets are soft and cool all at once. And the summer season down comforter I’ve got somehow keeps me cool on these hot (and omg humid) NYC summer nights.

• • •

But having a comfortable bed isn’t just about the bedsheets; it’s also about the mattress. I’m sleeping on a Cooling Gel Memory Foam 10″ Mattress from Zinus. I stumbled on the brand randomly when I was ordering my other bedroom furniture off Amazon. In the past, I’ve gone with your basic IKEA furniture, but with my new Amazon Prime membership, I figured I’d try some different design brands to decorate my bedroom.

zinus mattress

And that’s when I first found the Zinus brand. I was looking for “anything-but-IKEA” because there’s nothing like bringing home a boy who recognizes your furniture from everyone else’s bedroom. I’m unique and original and my bedroom better say that, too!

Zinus immediately stood out to me so I ordered a bed frame (this one—I love it!) and a desk—sleek black-framed furniture that was affordable. Since sleeping on the mattress and bed frame the past few weeks, I can say it’s definitely more than worth its price!

Other home-delivery-mattress companies were all so expensive, but Zinus is both affordable AND simply stylish. I love that this mattress is “infused with green tea extract” because it matches the aesthetic I’ve got planned for my bedroom: a bit of zen and simple, sleek, stylish.

brooklyn apartment - comfortable bed
My mirror is pretty nice, too!

• • •

With my mattress and my bedsheets, my bed has become my place to relax. I’ve got some Booklinen pillows and my stuffed animals perched in the corner, and a cool nightstand and lamp I picked up through the OfferUp app. With my mood lighting, it’s the perfect place to lounge on a lazy Sunday. Or a Monday morning. Or a Thursday afternoon.

Having a comfortable bed is essential. If you’re one of those lucky people who actually manage to get eight hours of sleep a night, you end up spending A LOT of time in your bed. Might as well make it as comfy as possible!

comfortable beds brooklinen

For me, I just need a place where I can feel at home. Because I travel so frequently, my bed is the one place that I can actually make my own.

It’s a relative new realization on my part. The past few years I’ve avoided spending money on home décor, saving it instead for my travels. And while that spending plan got me to a lot of amazing places, I eventually realized that I still spend a lot of time at home—and having a nice home is important, too.

• • •

My bedroom is my place to recharge, to rest. And it’s so important to make sure it feels like a home, because when you travel as much as I do, you need to know where your home is. Some might say you don’t need to define a home, but personally I know I need that private place that feels like my own.

A place that physically exists in the world. And that’s now my bed: the most comfortable spot in Brooklyn (tell all the boys, please).


sleep in a comfortable bed
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