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7 Cool Things To Do in Prague

I’ve been to Prague a few times (it’s just so close to Berlin) and while I’ve had a decent holiday each and every time, it’s taken a lot of effort to find the cool things to do there. Sure, I’ve had fun and I’ve met people each time. But perhaps because of Prague’s bustling tourist activity, finding the offbeat and alternative things to do can be a challenge. Here are seven of my favorite tourist activities in Prague.

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7 Cool Things To Do in Prague -

7 Cool Things To Do in Prague

7 Cool Things To Do in Prague -

Get lost in the surreal world of Kafka
The Kafka Museum

I visited the Kafka Museum on my very first visit to Prague in 2006 and it was one of the most memorable places I visited. From it’s surrealist atmosphere on the inside, to the quirky and just plain weird exhibits about Kafka, I got lost inside and ended up there for a few hours.

It’s a surreal trip into the strange world of Kafka and just outside is one of Prague’s most iconic statues—a fountain of two standing men peeing (by the local legendary sculptor David Černý).

7 Cool Things To Do in Prague -

Taste the surprising culinary delights of Czech cuisine
Prague Food Tours

Czech cuisine maybe isn’t as famous as other European foods, but there are a surprising amount of sweet and savory dishes worth trying. There are a number of different Prague food tours taking place in the city, but a lot of them seem to stop at some of the same foodie hotspots.

There’s the Sisters Bistro where you can try open-faced sandwiches, and of course the bohemian Café Louvre which has hosted Kafka and Einstein before. Food tours are a great way to take in the local culture in the most appetizing way. Plus: ROAST PORK! (and dumplings, too I guess).

7 Cool Things To Do in Prague -

See some quirky architecture
The Dancing House

Okay, this is less of a cool thing to do and more of a funky building that’s worthy of Instagram snaps. Designed by Frank Gehry, the Dancing House is near the water and makes a great spot for sunset photos. There’s even a hotel inside with pretty decent rates!

7 Cool Things To Do in Prague -
7 Cool Things To Do in Prague -

Stay alert to the public art
David Černý’s sculptures around town

7 Cool Things To Do in Prague -

David Černý is a Czech sculpture and the city is practically overflowing with his public works. There’s an upside-down horse in Lucerna Pasaz (a mall) in the Old Town, a collection of babies crawling up the Žižkov TV Tower and the Piss Sculpture outside the Kafka Museum.

Book one of the more bohemian walking tours to make sure you’ll go past some of David Černý’s public sculptures; sometimes they’re hiding in plain sight!

7 Cool Things To Do in Prague -

Enjoy Prague’s legendary nightlife
Club Termix & the MeetFactory

A trip to Prague wouldn’t be complete without a bit of nightlife. The city is practically crawling with EasyJet-setters from across Western Europe each and every weekend. The cheap beer probably helps, but it’s the amazing nightlife scene which keeps people coming back for more and more. Including myself! Despite never coming away totally impressed with the city, I always manage to have some fun in the clubs.

Club Termix is a hip gay bar with young crowds and a secret buzzer to get in. There are themed party nights and an entire car hanging from the ceiling. I’ve definitely been spotted there dancing on tables without a shirt! It’s one of my favorite gay clubs in Europe :)

Prague is also home to the MeetFactory—a warehouse converted to a funky art & exhibition space that doubles as an artist residency as well as concert and event venue. Just outside the entrance, a car is also bolted to the side of the building above the main door; must be a Czech thing!

The club was set up as an international center for contemporary art in 2001 by none other than the artist David Černý.

7 Cool Things To Do in Prague -

Leave your mark
John Lennon Wall

Funny story about this, actually. On my very first visit to Prague, I came home with a few hundred photos over the weekend trip. One of them was this really pretty shot I had of some graffiti and, years later when I was looking through my travel photos, I realized it was probably from the legendary John Lennon Wall.

Since the 1980s visitors have left drawings and writings on this small stretch of wall just around the corner from the Charles Bridge. Before the end of the Soviet occupation, young Czechs left Beatles-inspired graffiti here and now the wall fills with new works of art and inspiration every day.

7 Cool Things To Do in Prague -

Stay in a funky hotel! Hotel Fusion Prague

I’ve stayed at multiple hostels in Prague—mostly because each weekend city break is more about exploring the city, partying, and having fun, then it is about a quiet or romantic visit. This boutique design hotel is a great choice on a budget (you’ll find rooms for as little as 65€ per night!).

It’s steps away from Wenceslas Square which is your best option for a hotel—perfectly situated between Old Town Prague with its history (and dorky Astronomical Clock) and the trendier neighborhoods of Vinohrady and Žižkov.

7 Cool Things To Do in Prague -

  1. Beautiful! I have been thinking about going to Prague for some time. You have given me some more things to add to my list!

  2. Ivan says:

    Prague is an amazing city no matter how many times you visit it. With the tips given readers will get an in-depth view of culture and society in Prague. Love this city!

  3. Minka Guides says:

    Pinned for a future adventure! I can’t wait to visit Prague finally :)

  4. Alex Steven says:

    Wow! simply stunning. Prague is beautiful.I have been there only once for an official tour couldn’t explore the city though but I do wish to visit and look around this amazing city very soon.Lovely Pictures!

  5. Lovely clicks!
    I’m so amazed to see the dancing house, what an architecture!
    Prague is definitely tops my travel list now.Thanks for sharing.

  6. Anna says:

    Cool to see Prague through your eyes :) When it comes to funky places to stay, I would also recommend Mosaique house.

  7. This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me.
    Many thanks!

  8. What an awesome list! I wouldn’t doing a hopping tour on all of those destinations. Flying via private jet makes everywhere accessible.

  9. Been to Prague :) Great tips, the architecture is truly inspiring!

  10. If you visit Prague its worth exploring the local historical architecture.
    For me walking through the streets of historical Prague, is like walking through a gallery of all major European architectural styles, spanning a thousand years of architectural history in enchanting colors and shapes and, it is interesting to discover how these splendid buildings shaped the history of the Czech Republic and in contrast, how history shaped the designs of many of these buildings and what they came to symbolize in an historical context.

    In the historical center of Prague you can walk past the Municipal House, the Art Nouveau jewel of Prague, that is covered in floral motives, gilded wroth iron curved around beautifully shaded stain glass.

    And continue through the Gothic and neo-Gothic styled powder tower going to the Celetna street , covered with Baroque palaces with Gothic interiors and Renaissance courts yards. On the way you encounter the unique Cubist house at the Black Madonna with its straight angular lines, then continues on to the medieval Ungelt compound with its Renaissance palace , past the heavily Baroque St, James Church and into the Old town Square with its legendary Astronomical clock. Which is followed by the Art Nouveau Jewish Quarters with its ancient synagogues.

  11. James Horner says:

    Great work by David Cerny! I loved the Dancing house and Quirky architecture (especially upside-down horse and babies scrawling). Prague offers lots of to-do-list activities and attractions.

  12. Heena JS says:

    Awesome photographs! Makes me wanna add Prague into my Euro trip planned for August 2018. (Do you think it’s a good time to visit there at that time?) And if I go I wouldn;t miss the nightlife for the world. You see I’m a party girl and I am right now chronicling the nightlives of all famous cities. Let’s see. Thanks for writing, ya!

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