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Travel blogs, travel photos and features from Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the coolest things to do and see in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague was one of the first European cities that I ever visited—it was a short trip to Europe to visit a friend studying abroad one summer and we chose Prague as our weekend escape thanks to a cheap flight, a cheap hostel and the expectation for plenty of absinthe.

And Prague didn’t disappoint. Even now, I’ve visited the city countless times on weekend city breaks from Berlin—an easy trip with the promise of fun, surprisingly good food, music and the odd attractive boy or two ;) Whether it’s the major tourist attractions or the allure of a fun weekend,

Prague has a lot of great things to see and do—and a surprising amount of cool, fun activities that make a pretty hip city to visit, too! Start here with my basic Prague travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Prague travel blogs.

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When to Visit

The best time to visit Prague is probably going to be either the spring or early fall when you can expect fewer tourists. The city feels a bit like Disneyland during the summer season when crowds flock to the Old Town—almost to the point when it’s unbearable!

Look out for cool Prague events and music festivals throughout the year. If you visit in the winter or during the bridge seasons, expect better hotel and hostel rates.

Cool Things To Do

Make Love Not War (Prague)Prague has plenty of mainstream tourist attractions — many historical spots and museums which are important to visit (the Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle), but if you’re looking for more alternative and cool things to do, there are plenty of great offers in Prague. Here are a few favorite unusual tourist attractions and things to do:

Kafka Museum — This museum commemorates Czech writer Franz Kafka, maybe you know his work Metamorphosis. From the museum’s surrealist atmosphere on the inside to the quirky and just plain weird exhibits about Kafka’s life, it’s easy to get lost inside. Plan to visit over a few hours — especially if it’s swelteringly hot outside during the summer. Also make sure you check out the fountain of the two peeing men out front of the museum. It’s designed by local artist David Černý who has a number of cool and funky sculptures throughout Prague.

John Lennon Wall — Since the 1980s, visitors have left drawings and writings on this small stretch of wall near the Charles Bridge. During the communist era, many young Czechs carved out their own Beatles-inspired graffiti here. Even today when you walk by, you’ll spot tourists and other people leaving their mark and memory behind.

Dancing House — Designed by Frank Gehry, the Dancing House sits near the river’s edge and is the spotlight of many tourists’ photos. Inside, you’ll find a restaurant but the real beauty of this building is the outside. Plan your visit at sunset to catch it in unusual light.

Prague Tours

Prague is a relatively easy to navigate city but it can be helpful to join one of the city’s many walking tours—from history to food, it’s the best way to explore. Trust me: you won’t discover Prague’s best culinary secrets unless you join a food tour which takes you to the secret hotspots and new, trendy restaurants.

And Prague’s history is lost if you choose to skip a history walking tour (especially through the Jewish Quarter—recommended!). Take the time and join a tour during your Prague visit. Save the nights for the reckless fun, though!

For more unusual things to do, check out some cool day trips from Prague.

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