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Essential Items to Buy Before Embarking on an Overseas Trip

Are you planning an overseas trip in the near future? If so, we’re willing to bet you’ve already got your passport and any other travel documents you need. If not, then you’re planning on submitting your application as soon as possible.

While passports and other travel documents are critical for crossing borders, they’re far from the only items you’ll need if planning on doing some overseas traveling. In addition to appropriate attire and personal products, there exists a variety of other items you’ll want to have for your trip.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at six essential items to buy before embarking on an overseas trip:

Tracking devices

Apple AirTags, Tile, and similar tracking devices are designed to help users geolocate their missing items. Small enough to be inserted into wallets, most modern tracking devices come with batteries that can provide power for up to a year or longer. Due to their small size and range of use, tracking devices are very useful for international travelers, as they provide a means to determine where certain items are if they become lost or stolen. From luggage to purses to overcoats, coin-sized tracking devices can be used for virtually anything you plan to take with you on your trip.

Replacement lenses

If you plan to bring eyewear on your trip, think about what it would mean if one or more lenses became chipped, cracked, and unusable. It’d practically ruin your experience, would it not? With this in mind, those gearing up for an overseas trip should consider buying replacement lenses for glasses and sunglasses. That way, if the lenses become damaged during your trip, you have an easy way of repairing them and getting back to seeing all the wonderful sights of your destination.

USB hubs

Virtually every modern electronic device comes with a USB charging cable. Rather than scour airports and hotel rooms for available outlets, consider bringing a USB hub on your overseas trip. As the name suggests, a USB hub is a device similar to a traditional power strip. But instead of having several electrical sockets, they have multiple USB ports for recharging all your devices. So instead of needing several wall outlets at once or taking turns with your devices, all you need is one socket, and you can charge everything at once.

Adapter plugs

USB hubs won’t do you much good overseas if you don’t have adapter plugs available. While you can find adapter plugs for sale in Rome and any other major city, chances are they’re going to be marked up in order to take advantage of people who either didn’t know or didn’t remember the variance in socket designs across the world. As a result, we suggest buying one or more universal adapter plugs meant for international travel. These will let you plug in your electrical devices anywhere in the world.

Language translators

Thanks to translator apps, iPhones and Android devices enable international travelers to quickly translate written text and spoken language. We encourage everyone planning an overseas trip to have such an app downloaded and installed on their phones prior to arrival.

However, given the hit-or-miss nature of getting reliable phone service overseas, we also recommend international travelers consider buying at least one dedicated translator device. While none of these options will provide flawless in their translations, they’re reliable enough to get the point across, whether it’s asking for directions, ordering off the menu, or reading display placards in museums.

Travel guides

Many people shrug off the need for travel guides due to having access to the internet. While it’s true that web-based travel information is reliable, the internet access required to reach it may not always be available. What’s more, the information you find online may be outdated or flat-out unreliable.

As a result, we suggest buying a printed travel guide that has been updated for the most current year. These guides are written with the sole purpose of providing travelers with pertinent information about lodging, culture, food, language, sightseeing, and transportation options found at your destination.

If you’re planning to take a trip overseas in the coming months, then preparation is essential. While the right travel documents and climate-appropriate clothes are important, you’ll likely need more in order to get the best travel experience possible.