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Travel blogs, photos and stories from one of Europe’s most hip and cool neighborhoods. Located in East London, Shoreditch is the heart and soul of new trends, styles and tastes for many millennials.

Shoreditch High Street

Shoreditch Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the coolest things to do and see in Shoreditch

London’s most hipster neighborhood and home to possibly my favorite street in the world, Brick Lane, Shoreditch has it all: cool shops, great street art, fun nightlife and excellent food. Start here with my basic Shoreditch travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Shoreditch travel blogs.

When to Visit

Summer is easily the best time to experience Shoreditch and the rest of London, but there are so many cool indoor things to see and do there that any time of year is a good time to visit!

Rain is more or less always expected in London, and often you will have some fog, but be ready for cold temperatures during the winter times.

Best Things To Do

Take a food tour – Eating London Food Tours does a great job of introducing you to local British foodie classics, like the fish-and-chips from and salt beef bagels. With historical stories about the neighborhood peppered throughout, this always-changing area is hard to track back, but the tour offers the perfect opportunity for understanding its current development as the epicenter of fusion and creativity.

Visit the Whitechapel Gallery This free contemporary art gallery has been open for more than 100 years and has a long history of playing a role in exhibitions to protest against war.

Explore Brick Lane – With food from all over the world (though particularly known for the many, many award-winning Indian restaurants), fantastic street art on seemingly every corner, the most hipster cafés and shopping opportunities, Brick Lane is a true symbol of diversity – don’t miss it!

Shoreditch Tours

As an ever-changing and dynamic place, it’s hard to know what the newest, coolest thing in Shoreditch is. Taking a tour with local guides will help you see a side of the neighborhood you might otherwise miss and will give you insights into local life that you could overlook.

LGBTQ – Gay Shoreditch Travel Guide

Move over Soho, Shoreditch is London’s new gayborhood! With a reputation for edgy, alternative parties, this is not exactly where the most mainstream gay life in London exists, and as such, expect something a bit less polished and more wild!

The Glory – One of those quintessentially British pubs where the atmosphere is jovial and friendly. But it’s also just very, very gay! The Glory is a mix-match of colors and quirky decorations, and every Wednesday hosts the super fun Lipsync 1000 where local drag queens compete for a prize.

Dalston Superstore – One of the biggest gay clubs in East London, the Dalston Superstore is famous for its wild nights. Located on Kingsland Road, it attracts both local and well-known DJs for parties just about every night of the week and in the earlier hours, you can order comfort food there.

Savage  With three floors of chaotic, beautiful and decadent partying, this club (but also strip club!) serves up disco, pop and house beats late into the night. The crowd is pretty mixed, but leans heavily queer.

More gay travel resources here.

Shoreditch Hotel Deals

Shoreditch has some seriously cool hotels, and I’ve always found that using, or Hotels Combined I get the best deals especially for last-minute trips.

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Shoreditch Travel Blogs