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A Gay Guy’s Weekend Guide to Eindhoven

A surprisingly cool city in the south of Holland, Eindhoven is a fun and friendly destination great for a weekend city break thanks to a culture for creativity and innovation

An Introduction to Dutch Design Week - Travels of Adam - https://travelsofadam.com/2017/10/dutch-design-week

An Introduction to Dutch Design Week

One of Europe’s biggest design events, the Dutch Design Week showcases thousands of unique and innovative designs covering a number of different subjects—from fashion to sustainability, art to robotics. Explore some of the best designs in this beginner’s guide to the festival

Eindhoven Travel Guide - Travels of Adam - https://travelsofadam.com/europe/netherlands/eindhoven/

A Journey Through Eindhoven

Discover Eindhoven in North Brabant – a culturally cool city with a unique creative spirit and cool things to see and do – an insider’s guide