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Hotel Pelirocco: rock & roll hotel in Brighton

On my trip to Brighton I didn’t stay at the Hotel Pelirocco but I did go to the bar one evening to enjoy a cocktail (or two). The stylish boutique hotel isn’t located in the main drag near all the gay clubs, but it’s not too far that you can’t walk. The boutique hotel’s most interesting feature, however, is its very stylish theme: rock and roll.

Each room inside the Hotel Pelirocco has a different music theme—from the Pin up Parlour to the Play Room. (The Pin Up Parlour is a homage to the British Diana Dors, the UK version of Marilyn Monroe. The Play Room is…well, let’s leave some things to the imagination. Here’s a hint, though: the bed has no corners…and there may or may not be a stripper pole in the room.)

The halls and stairwells inside the Hotel Pelirocco and the bar on the ground floor also play up the rock & roll theme. With a rotating selection of local artwork, the walls of the hotel are hardly ever boring. In fact, sometimes they can be downright raunchy!

Not only that, but the gay Brighton hotel has produced a music CD and puts out a regular radio show each week in Brighton. Talk about dedication! And the cocktails aren’t half-bad either ;)

Each room is designed with every detail in mind

Americana themed room in the Pelirocco hotel

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Note: I didn’t stay at the boutique Hotel Pelirocco but received a tour and complimentary drink courtesy of the Brighton Tourism Board. The opinions are my own—yours may vary.