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Gay Strip Clubs – Travel Guide on Where to Find Them & Tips to Have Fun Your First Time

In the realm of nightlife and entertainment, gay strip clubs stand as vibrant, boundary-pushing spaces that boldly flip the conventional narrative surrounding strip clubs. Going beyond the traditional portrayal of such venues, these establishments radiate an aura of empowerment, diversity, and celebration of the human form.

Unlike their mainstream counterparts, gay strip clubs offer an alternative perspective that challenges the patriarchal norms often associated with strip culture.

These queer spaces empower gay performers by allowing them to embrace their bodies, showcasing sensuality in ways that defy traditional gender roles. In this light, gay strip clubs become arenas of redefinition, rewriting the story of the stereotypical strip club to focus on self-expression, inclusivity, and personal agency.

The allure of gay strip clubs transcends gender lines, welcoming gay men and, probably not surprisingly, even bachelorette parties. For gay men, these clubs offer a haven of camaraderie, self-expression, and celebration of gay sexuality in an environment of shared understanding.

Simultaneously, bachelorette parties are increasingly drawn to these venues for a taste of thrilling novelty – a chance for women to explore their sexual desires for the male body, but within a liberated and safe space.

In essence, gay strip clubs emerge as dynamic hubs of change, challenging societal norms, and promoting inclusivity while providing unforgettable experiences for all who seek the magic within their glittering walls.

Gay Strip Club Etiquette

Before we dive into this glittery universe of gyrating bodies and heart-pounding music, let’s talk about some essential etiquette tips for nudist-friendly venues to ensure you have an unforgettable experience while showing respect to everyone involved.

Respect the Performers

Remember, the guys on stage are artists in their own right. They’re working hard to entertain and deserve your appreciation. Cheer, tip, and show your support, but keep your compliments respectful and avoid crossing personal boundaries.

Consent is Key

Just because it’s a strip club doesn’t mean boundaries are irrelevant. Respect the performers’ personal space and follow their cues. They might invite you for a lap dance or a private show, but if they’re not interested, gracefully accept it and move on.

More Than Just the Tip

The power of the dollar bill is strong in strip clubs. Tipping is a way to show your admiration for a performance or a connection you’ve made. Fold your bills lengthwise to make it easier for performers to collect them gracefully.

No Grabbing Zone

No one likes to be grabbed without consent. Keep your hands to yourself unless you’re invited to touch. Respect the body autonomy of the performers and the fellow patrons.

Dress to Impress… Yourself

There’s no strict dress code, but dressing in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable is essential. Express your style, whether it’s a casual jeans-and-T-shirt combo or your most fabulous ensemble. Just be mindful of the club’s guidelines, and you’re good to go.

Mind Your Phone

Sure, we all want to snap a selfie for the ‘Gram, but remember that not everyone might be comfortable with their photos being taken. In fact, in most strip clubs: it’s prohibited and strictly enforced!

Respect people’s privacy and the club’s rules about photography and phone usage. Put your phone down and just enjoy the show!

Chat Respectfully

If you strike up a conversation with a performer, make it engaging but respectful. These guys are here to entertain, so feel free to engage in light banter, but avoid invasive or overly personal questions.

Follow the strippers’ leads; if they flirt with you, you can probably safely flirt back.

Drink Responsibly

A cocktail or two can enhance the experience, but going overboard can lead to embarrassing situations. Stay hydrated and know your limits so you can enjoy the night to the fullest.

Be Inclusive

Gay strip clubs are meant to be inclusive spaces. Embrace the diversity of performers and patrons alike, and treat everyone with kindness and respect, regardless of their background or appearance.

Respect the Rules

Each club might have its own set of rules, whether it’s about photography, touching, or behavior. Familiarize yourself with these rules before you arrive and make sure to adhere to them.

Enjoy the Show

Last but not least, relish the experience! Let go of any reservations and allow yourself to be swept away by the energy and excitement of the performances. After all, this is your time to have fun and make memories.

Where to Find Gay Strip Clubs

I can only speak to the strip clubs I’ve been to on my various travels around the world. Have another recommendation? Let me know!

Gay Strip Clubs in NYC

Most of the male strip clubs in New York City cater to women, but plenty of the gay bars across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens (Astoria) have plenty of go-go dancers.

Go go dancers at the gay NYC bars typically where jockstraps and sneakers—and that’s about it. There’s not a clothing! But full nudity in gay or queer spaces is a lot harder to come by.

There are some specific gay circuit parties where there’s a lot more nudity or dark rooms, but as for strip clubs, stick to the bars with go go dancers. The Ritz, Atlas, Boxers and Hardware Hell’s Kitchen are good gay bar options. In Brooklyn, the queer parties at House of Yes, Knockdown Center, 3 Dollar Bill, and Brooklyn Mirage are good options for a proper party atmosphere with as little clothing as possible

Gay Strip Clubs in Phoenix, Arizona

The first gay strip club I ever went to was in Phoenix, Arizona. Before I had visited, I’m not sure I even know gay strip clubs existed. I went to Dick’s Carbaret one late night, but the random weekday I was there, there was absolutely no one else in the venue.

My friends and I stayed for a little bit, but found the place kind of sad — mostly because it was empty.

Gay Strip Clubs in Portland, Oregon

During one of my more recent weekend trips to Portland, Oregon, I went to one of the two gay strip clubs in the city. Both are located in Portland’s gayborhood, an area of Downtown Portland that’s easily walkable.

Stag PDX and Silverado are Portland’s two gay strip clubs. And, honestly: they’re a lot of fun!! You pay a cash entrance to get in, and the basement is where all the action is, though there’s a bar on the ground floor when you walk in, too.

On the night I had at Silverado, the strippers were hot, it wasn’t too expensive to go to the back room, there were slot machines if you’re into a bit of lucky gambling, and the crowd was lively and fun. Mostly gay men in the mixed crowd, but there were two bachelorette parties of women, as well.

Gay Strip Clubs in Montreal, Canada

Montreal is famous for their gay nightlife and their liberal attitudes, so of course they have a few gay strip clubs, too. They’re located in the Montreal gay village.

Stock and Campus are the two adult entertainment clubs and with the rowdy parties that bring crowds into Montreal every weekend, it’s a fun and energetic vibe. Plus: Montreal guys are just hot. Some of the sexiest porn stars live and work in Montreal, so you can imagine what the guys are like in their strip clubs.

So, there you have it, my fabulous friends—a crash course in etiquette for your first gay strip club adventure. Remember, the key is to show respect, have fun, and create a positive atmosphere for everyone involved. Now go out there and make it a night to remember!