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The Cost of an Equinox Membership in 2024 – and is it worth it?

In the world of fitness, Equinox stands out as a symbol of luxury and high-end wellness. With its state-of-the-art facilities, premium amenities, and exclusive services, Equinox has become a sought-after destination for fitness enthusiasts—gay, straight or otherwise.

Personally, being an Equinox member for over two years now, I am constantly doubting whether the membership cost is worth it. Every time my monthly membership fee hits my American Express credit card, I immediately doubt it. Is $265 for a single-use gym worth it?

The cost of an Equinox luxury gym membership has long been a topic of curiosity for those considering joining this elite fitness community. Seeing as how it’s still early in the year when everyone has high fitness goals and resolutions for getting fit (and healthy) in the new year, I thought I’d share my experience with Equinox memberships, exploring the different price options available and providing insights into how much it costs as an actual current member.

equinox gym selfie

I also just negotiated a discount on my gym fee thanks to a corporate discount, and that’s something a lot of people forget about unless it’s explicitly called out by your company or health insurance.

Equinox Membership Tiers

Equinox offers three primary membership tiers, each tailored to cater to different preferences and needs. The primary membership options include:

1. Equinox All-Access

This premier membership grants access to all Equinox locations nationwide. Members can enjoy unlimited fitness classes, state-of-the-art gym equipment, and luxurious amenities such as spa facilities and lounges. The All-Access membership is ideal for those who travel frequently or desire the utmost convenience in accessing Equinox facilities.

2. Destination+ Access

This membership tier allows access to the special Equinox destination clubs, providing all the amenities and services available at those particular locations. These are some of the more luxurious gym spaces that include indoor or outdoor swimming pools and more exclusive amenities. It’s particularly useful in a city like New York City. You can get a destination membership for a single club as well, but that is more than the general Select Access which is the most basic membership.

3. Select Club Access

Geared towards those who only need a single primary gym for their membership, Select Access grants you just a single membership to a single club. Members who primarily use one specific Equinox club may find the Select Access membership the most cost-effective option, but it has the least amount of flexibility.

Equinox price for a membership - screenshot of my corporate discount
Screenshot of my Equinox membership price offer via a corporate discount in NYC

Pricing Structure: How much does Equinox cost?

Equinox is known for its premium services, and the cost of membership reflects the exclusivity of the experience. However, specific pricing details can vary based on factors such as location, membership tier, and any ongoing promotions. And Equinox’s club owners and managers are notoriously private and secret. I’ve also heard rumors that club managers can give private discounts and special rates to select members.

It’s essential to note that Equinox often requires an initiation/activation fee when joining. This one-time fee covers administrative costs and is separate from the monthly membership dues. The activation fee is generally the cost of a single month, or as low as just $150, depending on the membership tier and location.

At the beginning of the year and during special promotion periods, Equinox sometimes offers no-fee new member signups, usually with a $100 or $150 credit to your account. That special credit can be used to buy water or juices in the club, or gym clothes and branded clothing/styles available in the Equinox shops.

Equinox discounts?

Did you know you can actually receive discounts for your Equinox membership?

Equinox can be an exhilarating and worthwhile gym experience, but the premium services often come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, savvy individuals can secure Equinox membership discounts, making these exclusive memberships more accessible.

Corporate Discounts

Many employers understand the importance of employee well-being and have partnered with fitness clubs like Equinox to offer exclusive discounts. If you’re considering joining Equinox, check with your employer’s human resources department to inquire about any corporate partnerships or employee wellness programs. Some companies negotiate group rates or subsidize a portion of the membership fees, making it more affordable for employees to access premium fitness facilities.

Health Insurance Rebates

In an era where health and wellness are prioritized, some health insurance providers encourage fitness activities by offering rebates for gym memberships. Before signing up for an Equinox membership, review your health insurance policy or contact your provider directly to inquire about any wellness incentives. Some insurance plans may provide reimbursements for a certain percentage of your gym expenses, effectively reducing the overall cost of your Equinox membership.

Credit Card Perks – American Express

For those holding an American Express Platinum card, a delightful perk awaits in the form of a $300 annual credit specifically designated for Equinox. This credit can be applied towards Equinox memberships, helping offset a significant portion of the monthly dues.

To take advantage of this benefit, simply use your American Express Gold card to pay for your Equinox membership, and the credit will be automatically applied after you opt-in for the special benefit. It’s a fantastic way for cardholders to enjoy the luxury of Equinox without bearing the full financial burden. But note that you MUST opt-in for the benefit and connect your Amex to your Equinox account.

Securing a discount on an Equinox membership is not just a matter of wishful thinking; it can be a tangible reality through strategic approaches. Be sure to explore these ways to make your membership not only a wellness investment but a financially savvy one as well.

Is Equinox worth the cost?

While the cost of an Equinox membership may be perceived as high, many members emphasize the value they receive in return. Equinox’s commitment to providing a premium fitness experience includes top-notch equipment, expert trainers, and a luxurious environment that goes beyond the typical gym setting.

And, the number one reason why so many members choose Equinox is for the amazing selection of classes—everything from a special Stronger class, Barre classes, Pilates mat instruction, yoga, and other HIIT workout sessions. The classes are my number one reason why I stick with the gym in addition to the Equinox gym showers, plentiful fresh towels, and steam room.

Equinox memberships offer a unique blend of fitness, luxury, and exclusivity. Whether you opt for the All-Access, Destination Access, or Select Access membership, you are investing in a comprehensive wellness experience.

While the price may be steep, many find the benefits and quality of service provided by Equinox to be well worth the expense. Ultimately, the decision to join an Equinox club is a personal one, influenced by individual fitness goals, preferences, and budget considerations.