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Popular Travel Destinations for Students

Travel can be a perfect opportunity for students to broaden their horizons, explore the world, and learn more about themselves and various cultures. Fortunately, there are countless countries that welcome students and offer numerous adventures and activities. Meanwhile, students can also learn about the culture and history of those places. See some of the most popular travel destinations for students. Each country on the list has a unique appeal and great attractions that bring thousands of young people together.


Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, and unique culture. Most tourists start their journey with the capital, Bangkok, known for its street food, shopping, and nightlife. After several days in the capital, tourists usually move on to the islands or the North of the country. The former, like Phuket Island, is perfect for fun vacations on the beach, including water and outdoor activities. The latter usually includes visiting Chiang Mai – a city known for its temples, softer climate, and beautiful nature. 


One of the most popular and accessible destinations for students (especially European ones), Spain is famous for its beautiful architecture, delicious food, cultural appeal, and perfect climate. Young people have too much to see here! First, Spain has numerous art galleries and museums. Plus, just the streets of these old cities speak of rich Spanish history and its great adventures. Secondly, students come here to try the delicious local food, visit many of its beaches, and enjoy nature. Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga are the most popular destinations among tourists. 


Of course, no travel list is complete without Italy. Such a diverse, culturally important, and beautiful country can’t escape the eye of an eager traveler. This country has so much to offer ‌young, impressionable minds. Everything from world-famous food to art and impressive history is worth exploring here. For one, you can see the evidence of its remarkable history in every city and street. The ancient coliseums, old cobblestone streets, and the famous Juliet balcony from Shakespeare’s tragedy – you can find it all in Italy. Often, students prefer traveling to places like Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, and Verona.


To continue the European road trip, Germany is next on the list. This is an absolute must-visit place for all students. In fact, this is perhaps the most iconic and most visited place by young people in Europe. Students come here for its never-ending nightlife, great beer, and music and art scenes. Just take the Oktoberfest alone. It attracts thousands of young people from all over the world. However, there is a lot more to see in such cities as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Cologne.


Japan, without a doubt, is the most expensive destination on the list. Yet, it is completely worth the cost if you can afford it. Traveling to Japan is similar to traveling to a whole different world. It seems that the tech revolution and social consciousness have reached a new level here. In fact, students should better research the local culture, history, and traditions before coming here. Perhaps, you may ask some of the unemployed professors from writing platforms for help. You can find out more about online and make your pick. Just don’t come to Japan unprepared! Everything from food to customs will be different but very exciting, so you better learn about the difference before taking a trip. Popular destinations here include Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.