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My Summer in Instagram Photos

I was reading another travel blog earlier and stumbled on a post by Megan from — a post featuring her favorite Instagram photos from the summer. It got me thinking about my own summer which has been one of my most busy travel summers ever! It seems I’ve traveled all over the hemisphere since May—everywhere from Texas to Tel Aviv.

There are still many stories to tell from the summer, but as the weather in Berlin changes from its short-lived sunny summer to a balmy autumn, I wanted to reflect on some of my favorite moments. And luckily most of those were captured on one of my favorite photo-sharing apps: Instagram! Here’s a sample from my summer as shared on Instagram.

Click through to see the original posts on Instagram. If you have your own blog, share your own summer photos from Instagram!

Barcelona, Spain


Parc Güell is just like a real-life fairy tale! So much magic to be found there…

Cesenatico, Italy


I know this looks like a painting by Canaletto but it’s a real life view of Cesenatico, Italy—a small beach town in Emilia-Romagna famous for its canal (depicted by Leonardo da Vinci), seafood, seafaring museum, sweet flavored salt, bike paths and all-inclusive beach resorts. Just my kind of beach holiday (though I could do without some of the rain).

Helsinki, Finland

Design Museum Helsinki

Stickers from the Design Museum in Helsinki

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv beach beer

Travel tip for Tel Aviv: buy a cheap beer in one of the convenience stores (Goldstar is a local favorite) and sit on the beach to watch the sunset

Tel Aviv gay

The beaches of Tel Aviv are some of the best places for people-watching in the world. So many lovely people :)

Dallas, Texas

Texas BBQ

BBQ ribs, fried okra & cole slaw from one of my favorite local BBQ joints in Texas

Miami, Florida

Miami Beach

Miami, Miami, Miami!!!

Miami pool party

Just look at all that skin! Icona Pop performing at the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party in the Fontainebleau resort. One of the most memorable concerts I’ve been to – not just because of the music, but because we were dancing in a pool!

Berlin, Germany

Berlin Weissersee

Small lake up in Pankow – Weißer See (White Lake). Incredibly peaceful and quiet.

Riding my bike in Berlin - best way to get around the city during summertime

Riding my bike in Berlin – best way to get around the city during summertime

Berlin Photoautomat

Can you believe these things still exist?! Just 2€ for a photostrip of 4 shots – perfect way to end the night in Berlin! Taken on a night out in Berlin when partying with Luci from

Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp Skyline

While in Antwerp I made a point to cross the river so I could get a photo of the city’s skyline. Even on a cloudy day I’d say it’s quite pretty!

Antwerp gay

Half naked guys dancing on the tables in Antwerp’s most popular gay club Red & Blue

London, England

London Instagram

Trafalgar Square in London – one of my favorite places to hang out in London

London skyline - view from Tate Modern

St Paul’s Cathedral in the London skyline as seen from the Tate Modern. Whoever said there were no green spaces in London?

London Food Tour

That’s Nicole – my tour guide from @eatinglondon. Fabulous food tour that really showed off all that London’s East End has to offer—from the district’s history to its secret flavors.

London Street Art

Street art by Miss Van in Shoreditch, London – spotted on a street art tour.

  1. Cheryl says:

    Love your photos Adam! Looks like you had a great summer. :)

    • Adam says:

      Thanks Cheryl – I’ve always been a fan of your Instagram photos too. And it really has been a great summer!

  2. Jamie says:

    Amazing! Both the photos and the travels you’ve pack in!

    • Adam says:

      Thanks Jamie – and yes it’s been a busy summer! Being based in Berlin really helps though because there are quite a few good (and cheap) connections throughout Europe.

  3. OCDemon says:

    The Trafalgar Square shot is great. I like looking through lists like these since I never bothered trying to take photos that other people would look at, so I’d just take photos I’d look through to remember where I was, so they’re just eh. Need to get all artsy.

    • Adam says:

      Thanks! I like to capture photos that are memorable for me, too. Never hurts to try a bit to make your photos stand out :)

  4. Great idea for a post, looks like you had a good summer. I definitely plan on using your Tel Aviv beer tip :]

  5. Sam says:

    You found Trafalgar Square a good place to hang out? I always find it a bit stressful being there and I’m from London. But yes, London does have loads of green spaces; I believe it may have the most per square something of any European city. Maybe.

    • Adam says:

      Interesting to hear about London having so many green spaces! I always thought Berlin had Europe beat with all of its parks & canals.

      And yeah, I love a bit of people-watching in Trafalgar Square. Great place to take some photos!

  6. Londoner Kate says:

    Next time you’re in London get in touch! It’s my playground, can definitely show you the best places to party if you haven’t found them already.
    And he was right. London has the most green space of any European city.

    • Adam says:

      Thanks Kate! Definitely will take you up on your offer next time I’m in London—which will hopefully be sooner rather than later

  7. Beth says:

    Looks like you’ve had a really busy summer! Love all the pics!

  8. estherjulee says:

    looks like an amazing summer. oh man… can’t believe summer is almost over!

  9. Mandy says:

    What a fabulous post! It looks like olive had a fabulous summer indeed and I didn’t quite realise you’d made it to so many different places!

  10. Valeria says:

    Woooah looks great! I want to go to Miama, right now! Omg

  11. Johathan Camera says:

    I love all the pictures

  12. Charlotte says:

    Love all these pics.

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