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Travel blogs, travel photos and features from Montreal, Canada

Montreal Travel Guide

Your insider guide to the coolest things to do and see in Montreal, Canada

Montreal, l’Amérique française!

Located along the Saint-Lawrence river, in the province of Quebec, Montreal is the second largest city in Canada with a population of nearly 4 million people in the metropolitan area.

Nearly 35% of that population was born outside of Canada and come from over 120 different countries! This diversity is one of the many aspects that makes Montreal a special place to visit. This beautiful place is well-known for its spectacular cuisine, extravagant nightlife, a wide range of incredible festivals, and for its friendly and open population. Start here with my basic Montreal travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Montreal travel blogs.

When to Visit

Probably summertime is the best time to visit Montreal. The streets are fully alive and there are an endless number of festivals. Check out a list of Montreal festivals here.

Visit during springtime and be delighted by all the blooming nature, the summer months to enjoy the festivals, terraces, water sports, and street activities, autumn to be astonished by the beautiful colors of our Mother Nature or during winter to be enchanted by a white city. (Just be warned: Montreal is VERY cold in the winter!)

Cool Things To Do

Montreal offers a great variety of options for you to discover the city. You can take a walking tour in old Montreal and learn a little bit of the city’s special history, or take the popular hop-on, hop-off tour that you’ll find in many cities around the world.

It’s a great idea during the winter when the weather can be a bit unbearable. You can also take a bike tour around the Canal Lachine, or through the trendy neighborhoods of the Mille End and the “Plateau Mont-Royal,” (actually this is the best way of discovering not only Montreal but any other city).

Montreal Tours

Local tour operators Spade and Palacio run a handful of different tours through Montreal, including a food tour, bike tour, and walking tours through each of the distinct neighborhoods.

LGBTQ – Gay Montreal Travel Guide

The village or le village is the center of Montreal’s gay scene, decorated with thousands of rainbow-colored balls during the summer months when Sainte-Catherine street becomes a pedestrian paradise. Countless restaurants, stores, terraces, nightclubs, cafes, saunas, strip-clubs, gay-owned (affordable!) bed and breakfasts, spas, and hair dressers all gather in this area to provide visitors with unforgettable experiences.

Not to be missed is of course the Montreal Pride during the month of August. The famous Black and Blue Festival, organized by Bad Boy Club Montreal, takes place each October. The Black & Blue Festival is the world’s largest gay-benefit dance festival, attracting thousands of tourists to Montreal every Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, which raises money for HIV/AIDS and the gay community.

More gay travel resources here.

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Montreal Travel Blogs

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