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Mexico City - Rising Star LGBTQ Travel Destinations - Travels of Adam

Mexico Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the best things to do and see in Mexico

Mexico is a hugely diverse country with a bit of everything. There are stunning mountain ranges, pristine beaches, a rich and fascinating culture and of course great food! Start here with my basic Mexico travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Mexico travel blogs.

When to Visit

Mexico is enormous and the weather varies wildly from place to place, though generally speaking December to April is the optimum time to visit for the best weather. In the south of the country, there is a distinct wet season from May to October, and the Caribbean coast can be affected by hurricanes between June and November.

As a very Catholic country, Easter, Christmas and various other religious holidays throughout the year can be a fascinating but also very busy time to visit Mexico. Famously, Día de los Muertos is a popular time to see the fascinating displays of homage to dead spirits, and actually spans several days starting on October 31.

Best Small Cities to Visit

Guanajuato – Built in a valley surrounded by hills, this unique town consists of narrow alleyways winding up and down hill in a mess of streets that’ll easily get you lost, but that’s all part of the charm! This town is unlike many other Mexican towns and though small, has a young, cool vibe.

Oaxaca – Home to many Mexican painters, and with some pretty cool museums, this colonial town in Chiapas offers the typical architecture and feel you might expect from Mexico.

Mexico Tours

Taking a tour while in Mexico will give you a unique perspective on this fascinating country, and take you to some places you might otherwise miss on your own, so it’s definitely worthwhile considering. Take a look at this selection of Mexico tours.

LGBTQ – Gay Mexico Travel Guide

Mexico is one of the most forward-thinking countries in North America in terms of equality for LGBT people, and traveling there as a gay person is pretty simple. These are a few of the best cities for getting the most out of visiting gay Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta – The Mexican equivalent of Mykonos, Puerto Vallarta is a cool seaside town with a big nightlife scene that attracts a lot of gays. Many Mexican gays consider it the best beachside destination, with a lot to do during the day and endless nighttime pursuits. Don’t miss it!

Guadajalara – Mexico’s second city is perhaps the gayest in the whole country. Known as a gay haven, there are countless gay clubs, events and their pride is one of the funnest in all of Mexico. There are parties for everyone here, including a weekly underwear party at Voltio in the Americana neighborhood.

Mexico City – The capital and largest city in Mexico unsurprisingly has a massive gay scene. Some of the biggest and most famous parties go down in la Ciudad de México, especially in la Zona Rosa, the main gayborhood.

More gay travel resources here.

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Mexico Travel Blogs

A collection of my travel photos from a weekend in Guadalajara, Mexico — a surprisingly beautiful, colorful & picturesque city (Mexico’s second largest city, in fact) and a great LGBTQ-friendly destination in Jalisco, Mexico

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