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Sexual Wellness Trends

Whether you’re married, single or somewhere in between, there’s a good chance that as an adult, sex is a significant part of your life. However, there’s a sense of wellness that goes along with being sexually active. Over the last several years, many have taken the steps to ensure that not only are they using safe practices, but also being mindful of their sexual wellness, which encompasses several areas. Here are some current trends you can add to your life. 

Individual or Group Therapy

When you think of therapy, you likely think of a psychologist. However, sex therapists are a real thing and many have benefitted from their expertise. You can attend as an individual, a couple or as a group. Some people attend as a means of exploring their sexuality while others attend to help work through issues they may be having whether it’s in a relationship or they’re looking to resolve performance anxiety difficulties. Many will give clients assignments to complete, much like you would when you attend regular therapy. The only difference is the sessions focus on your sexual health rather than specific mental health conditions. 


If you’re interested in exploring new areas of your sexuality or even just getting the jump on the most recent, must-have cheap sex toys, attending a sex or relationship workshop is the way to go. You can even make a vacation out of it as these types of events pop up year-round all over the country. You can find many listings online by doing a simple search whether for a specific host you heard about through research or by location. These workshops range from information to hands-on, so be sure to review the type of session and the itinerary to ensure it’s something you’re interested in before you sign up.


If you’re the adventurous type or appreciate hands-on learning, coaching might be exactly what you need to spice things up in the bedroom — or simply to add to your knowledge. Often this goes hand-in-hand with sex therapy as coaches tend to be licensed professionals — and you should opt for one with the proper credentials. They do not engage in any activities with their clients, but rather guide them through issues such as low libido, dysfunction and even sexless marriages. 

Grooming Products

If there’s one industry that’s seen exponential growth, it’s the area of grooming products. For example, there are now manscaping kits specifically for the nether regions, and even more comprehensive ones that offer grooming tools for head-to-toe upkeep. While the industry used to be centered on ladies — Nair, laser therapy, waxing strips, anyone? — they’re now marketed toward both genders in an effort to promote sexual wellness in varying ways. 

It’s Not Taboo for Men

While in the past, women typically were the ones to initiate these types of wellness tactics, men are gaining more confidence and the willingness to participate if not outright suggest the methods. As they become openly health-conscious, it’s only natural to explore this avenue as well. So if you were worried that this is just for women, think again! Determine what your comfort level is and then maybe step outside of it just a little bit to expand your knowledge and grow. 

With the sexual wellness industry projected to grow by at least 12.4% by 2026, it’s becoming crystal clear that it’s no longer as taboo as it was once considered — and that’s great news! The more mindfulness you practice in your love life and relationships — and yes, sex life — the happier and more fulfilled you’re likely to be. If that’s not a reason to take the journey, we don’t know what is.