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Living the Suite Life: The Best Way to Experience Live Music

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The line outside Newark’s Prudential Center was wrapped around the building. There were thousands of people waiting to get inside, but that’s when I saw it. The VIP entrance around the corner. We snaked ourselves around the queue and found a handful of people waiting at the VIP entrance.

That’s when we knew we were in the right place.

We were in Newark to see Cher, part of the “Here We Go Again Tour.” Ready for some Friday night fun, we didn’t want to waste our time in long lines. Thankfully, having booked through SuiteHop, we got the full VIP treatment. With SuiteHop, you get access to all the VIP amenities including special entrances, private bars and concessions, unobstructed views, and even exclusive bathrooms. The luxury of it all!

SuiteHop is an online marketplace (online since 2014) bringing the sharing economy to the world of luxury suites and VIP tickets. The SuiteHop website provides an easy way to book luxury suites and VIP boxes for concerts and events across North America. Plus, their search tool makes it easy to find experiences you know you’ll enjoy.

Cher Concert - SuiteHop luxury suite at Prudential Center



Book a suite at the Prudential Center in Newark for games, concerts, or special. Whether you’re headed to the Prudential Center for a Devils game, a concert with your favorite artist (oh hey Cher!), or to watch monster trucks crush it, sitting in a suite makes all the difference. No matter the reason or the event, SuiteHop can help you find the perfect suite with all the amenities necessary to make it a perfect night.


Seeing Cher live for the first time, and from a luxury suite at the Prudential Center, was honestly an unforgettable experience. Hassle-free and no-stress, despite the full arena, it was all so easy. Just the kind of experience you want for a summer concert.

Without having to worry about the arena concert experience, the show was that much more enjoyable. We could come and go from our seats easily to grab beers from the private bar without worrying we might miss part of the show. And trust me: Cher knows how to put on a show; you don’t want to miss any of it!

Our luxury suite had a handful of small groups in it. There was plenty of space to roam around and stretch our legs between sets. With a private bar on our floor, we never waited long for a drink. And food concessions were easy to get quickly from the floor below.

One of the best parts of having a luxury suite for the Cher concert, though, was the exclusive bathroom. No line for the stalls and urinals here!

4 Reasons to Book a Suite for Summer Concerts

1. Skip the long security lines to enter with VIP entrance

Queuing up for hours to get into a summer concert, or just the long wait to get through security and into the amphitheater is honestly the most stressful part of any concert experience. Mostly because you’re doing it before you can hit the bar. And everyone is hustling to get to the concessions before the show, anxious for it to start.

Thankfully, when you book a luxury suite, it comes with access to a VIP entrance. That means shorter lines, faster security, and much less hassle.

2. Access to a private bar means you don’t have to wait to get a drink

Okay, everyone knows the best part of a stadium music tour is almost always the show. Production values for these kinds of experiences are HUGE and the artists often put a lot of work in creating amazing entertainment. That being said, of course you’re going to need to stay hydrated, but you don’t want to get stuck watching the performance from a small screen behind the bar while you’re in a 100-person queue.

Luckily, with a seat from SuiteHop, that means you get the full VIP treatment. Exclusive access to private bars means you get to avoid long lines so you can quench your thirst quickly, and get back to your seat (in a suite, no less!) without missing much. Time is sacred; we all know you can’t turn back time if you miss something special!

3. You get great seats without the hassle of a crowd

If you’re anything like me, big crowds can be stressful. When 40,000+ fans are all in the same room screaming lyrics to your favorite songs—well, it can be amazing, but it can also be anxiety-inducing.

When you’re sitting in a luxury suite, though, you’ve got plenty of space to breathe. Even if it’s a box with seats, there’s often room to roam around. Private suites can even be booked through SuiteHop if you and a group of friends (up to 20) want an entire suite for a party or event. A godsend for those of us that aren’t super tall and still want to see the show!



Not a music fan? Book a private suite for baseball, soccer or more! SuiteHop is the go-to resource for luxury experiences at events. Check their website for more information:


4. No need to worry about bathrooms when you’ve got your own!

Ever drink too much at a show and worry you’re not going to make it to the toilet in time? Hmmm, not me ;)

Private suites equal private bathrooms! At the Prudential Center, the floor of luxury suites had plenty of bathrooms with nearly zero crowds—meaning there was never any worry about a long bathroom queue! Even when the show ended and seemingly everyone in the world needed to use the toilet.

• • •

There’s nothing quite like a stadium concert tour. The showmanship and entertainment are always top-notch. I’ve seen a handful of big-name performances, but the luxury suite experience to see Cher was right up there at the top.

With her amazing set-list, the costume changes, banter, and of course the songs, it was a memorable night. But with the hassle-free experience using SuiteHop, it was that much more memorable.

4 Reasons to Book Luxury Suites for Concerts
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