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Swatch watch in Prague

Sometimes souvenirs don’t have to be local

My friend Allison bought this Swatch watch when we visited Prague together a few years ago. It’s an old photo favorite of mine—bright colors and a beautiful smile in the background.

One of the reasons I haven’t really enjoyed Prague on each visit has been all the touristic crap—from cheesy t-shirts (full disclosure: I once bought a cheesy t-shirt in Prague) to “absinth” shops on every corner (and in every shop window). But I guess being an American in Europe on a short backpacking trip, there was a bit of romance buying a designer watch (“designer” used loosely here to describe Swatch watches) in a truly historical city. Not to mention that Prague has a history of being a shopping destination.

So, sometimes the travel souvenir isn’t really about the destination, but the act of purchasing. Such was the case with this bright guy.