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The Power of a Thank You Note

A few weeks ago I received a postcard in my mailbox. The postcard came from my friend Dani—but it wasn’t just any postcard. It was a thank you letter!

Even though I’m a frequent traveler (and postcard-sender) myself, it’s still pretty rare that I get mail. So, upon seeing a card sitting in my metal mailbox, different sized and much more colorful than the typical white-enveloped letters I get from my banks, it was a welcome surprise.

thank you letter
Nothing beats a personal thank you!

In the age of Instagram, social media, and the gig economy, we don’t send a lot of letters anymore. I’m guilty of it as much as anyone, but I can say that every time I receive a letter in my mailbox, it’s pretty damn special.

The same can be said of “thank you’s.” I don’t know if you’ve noticed like I have, but we don’t always recognize thanks when we need to—certainly not as much as we used to. We live in an increasingly chaotic, busy, stressful world.

In the age of Instagram, social media, and the gig economy, we don’t send a lot of letters anymore.

No one cares about your Instagram
No one cares about your Instagram – but a thank you note? Love it!

The gig economy, fueled by apps which allow things to come with the touch of a button and little to no personal communication, mean that personality has left a lot of our encounters. Do you tip your Uber drivers? Do you leave feedback or comments, or even end the ride with a “thank you?”

Do you send your Airbnb hosts thank you notes for the comfortable bed, the easy check-in, the self-published map of their favorite places? 

Probably not. I know I can be better.

How to Send a Thank You Note

Years ago, after I finished a year-and-a-half of backpacking around the world, I wrote a long article thanking as many of the people as I could remember. Those strangers along the journey. So much of our lives focus on human interactions and personal connections; it’s important to remember to say thank you.

And if you can’t say thank you, then you can write it!

write a letter
Grab a coffee and take a brief moment away from distractions to write an heartfelt thank you note

How to write a thank you letter

Writing a thank you note or letter shouldn’t be so daunting or so difficult. Yeah, you can reply to an Instagram post, or post a public Facebook status thanking someone for something—but the most meaningful thank you notes come much more personalized.

Handwritten notes are probably the most heartfelt, but who knows where to get a pen anymore?! (Kidding!)

To write an authentic thank you, you’ve got to say more than “thank you.” Explain the emotions you felt in the moment you’re thanking for. Share something deeper than any superficial, stereotypical saying.

Send Postcards Online - Travels of Adam -
Postcards make great thank you cards!



How to send a thank you note

Sending a personalized thank you is relatively easy—especially with the advent of many online apps for sending mail through your phone.

The MyPostcard app offers thousands of customizable designs for postcards, greeting cards, and other stationery. It’s really simple to use and can all be done from your phone.

The best part of using one of these customizable MyPostcard designs is that you can choose your own photos (from your own image gallery, Instagram, or Facebook)—which means when sending a thank you note, you can share a selfie or any other relevant image.

Using your own photos to send a thank you is immediately more personal. And with the option to write a private message which then shows up surprisingly to friend’s home—that’s special.


Get a free credit to send a Thank You Postcard at the link below. Just use the code TRAVELSOFADAM at checkout. More info here.

thank you notes
Heartfelt thank you messages are always more meaningful

Make your Thank You Notes more meaningful

Don’t cop out with an Instagram shout-out or a simple Facebook greeting.

The best thank you’s come from the heart and arrive privately—not publicly. Yes, it might seem sweet to post an Instagram photo to your own feed about how much you love and admire a friend.

And while that’s still very kind, the best messages of support are delivered in much more meaningful and personal ways. Usually in a mailbox.

Try for free with code TRAVELSOFADAM at checkout.You can also browse their extensive collection of Thank You designs in their online gallery.