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Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park in Iceland

Iceland (photos)

Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park in Iceland

When I visited Iceland in September 2009 (read how my trip to Iceland changed my life here) I did one of the popular day trips to all the tourist sites within a short bus ride away from downtown Reykjavik. I was reminded of the Golden Circle tour when I read this post on Iceland recently: Reykjavik, Iceland: The Perfect Escape.

The Golden Circle day trip that almost every tourist to Reykjavik takes brings you to some of the best natural wonders outside the city. I remember visiting the Þingvellir National Park (Thingvellir) which is where I got this shot of a vibrantly green leaf. What fascinated me so much about this national park was that it sits between two tectonic plates—those for North America and Eurasia. You’re literally standing between two continents.

Thingvellier National Park (Iceland) - green leaf

The area of Þingvellir is basically a giant fissure between the tectonic plates and you can see the boundaries of the earth’s crust! I’m not much of a geology nut but I think this is pretty cool.

I can’t recommend visiting Iceland enough, and if you do, the Þingvellir National Park is truly beautiful.

Continental Divide, lake

This lake in the national park sits quite literally in the hole between the two tectonic plates. Cool!

Church in Iceland

This is probably the second most photographed church in Iceland. The first being the one in downtown Reykjavik.

Thinbveiller Church

Iceland (photo)

  1. Sarah Reynolds says:

    Love this website! Looks like you sure get to do your fair share of traveling, good for you!! Thanks for taking the time to document your travels and share with the the rest of us. I can travel the EU vicariously!! Keep up the good work, awesome blog!!


  2. DestinationSavvy says:

    Great post, Adam. These are truly incredible pictures!

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