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How to have a Successful Travel Blog

There are a lot of ways to have a successful travel blog, but if you’re interested and serious about it, I’d recommend joining SuperstarBlogging–an online course and community with the information & resources you’ll need to create your own successful travel blog.

I joined Travel Blog Success when it first launched in early 2010 and in 2016 became a member of Superstar Blogging which took over the blogging course. Though I’d already started my blog months before, I went through the entire course and came away with some information I didn’t yet know. The new program “Superstar Blogging” was created by NomadicMatt and is regularly updated. It incorporates the original Travel Blog Success program but with even more assets, interviews and benefits.

With access to Superstar Blogging, you also get to join a secret Facebook group which has been one of the most useful tools in the relaunch. And now I’m happy to recommend this paid course to my readers because I really feel, if you want to make money with travel blogging, this may be an easy solution to quick-starting your goals.

Super Star Blogging

What you get when you join

  • Written Lessons to save you time and energy
  • Private Support Forum (and Facebook group) to get your questions answered by @nomadicmatt
  • Audio Interviews so you can learn directly from top travel bloggers and other marketing experts
  • Lifetime Access lets you pay once, work at your own pace, and enjoy future resources
  • 100% guarantee makes this decision 100% risk-free

Why I think you should join

The lessons are easy to follow and straightforward. If you have absolutely no experience with this thing called the Internet, you’ll be fine. If you know some basic web stuff, you’ll still find much of the information helpful.

But the absolute best part of Travel Blog Success is the community. Pro bloggers and beginners alike. The online forum is available no matter which subscription you buy and reading other people’s questions and comments has definitely helped me to improve this site.

With the 2011 update, Travel Blog Success now includes a secret Facebook group which is even more useful than the forum! Here, I can ask specific site questions in a private setting and get the exact information & answers I need. It’s brilliant.

So, if you’re interested in improving your travel blog or setting up one for the first time, I highly recommend joining Travel Blog Success. In the 18 months or so since I started Travels of Adam, I’ve made WAY more money than I could’ve imagined from writing a travel blog. (We’re talking a definite profit here!)

But I’ve also made a lot of contacts and I’m hoping all my new web & blogging experience will eventually land me a nice job as well. While I’m certain if I kept at it, I could make blogging into a livable lifestyle, that’s just not my desire for now. But if it’s what you want, there’s no better beginner resource than Superstar Blogging.

If you decide to join, please do so through a link from this site. Because I’m a proud member of the community, I’m an affiliate member and receive a commission on any sale. Thanks!

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  2. Jaysonfromabove says:

    I want to write a travel blog, since I travel a lot in the most exotic and remote places of Mindanao. i haven’t even started to start up a site yet. I want to start from scratch… what should I do?

    • Adam says:

      Hi Jayson,
      It doesn’t have to be too hard to set one up. I’d suggest something like Travel Blog Success (or there are some decent ebooks out there as well – check my FAQ page) because the community of other travel bloggers will always be able to help answer your questions. Start talking and asking the questions, and the answers will come!

  3. Thanks for reminding me about this. We’ve got a few friends who are new to the blogging world who might be interested in this. Unfortunately for us, we just kinda figured it out as we went along and are only now, a year into it, starting to focus on monetization. 

    • Adam says:

      Definitely share with your friends (and feel free to use my affiliate link!) – it’s a useful resource. I use the Facebook group to ping questions with several of the other bloggers and it works well!

  4. Thanks for the tips Adam. It took me awhile to create my own travel blog since I started traveling. Looks like TBS would be a big help to me as a newbie. :) -Gabz

    • Adam says:

      It’s a great way to take a blog to the next step! And you get a ton of good contacts through it, too. Let me know if you join! (and if you do, please use my affiliate link!)

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