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When Moses saw the Holy Land: Viewpoint at Mount Nebo, Jordan

Mount Nebo, a viewpoint and summit in Jordan, is (according to the Bible) where Moses first saw the promised land.

Today it’s a popular tourist site where you can catch some truly spectacular views of the surrounding areas—Jericho, Jerusalem, the Negev desert, the Jordan Valley. To stand on Mount Nebo, where Moses once stood, and see all these historically important places…it was a nice feeling.

Moses stele at Mount Nebo, Jordan

A monument marking Mount Nebo as a Christian Holy Place

Mount Nebo viewpoint over the Middle East

Mount Nebo provides a pretty scenic view of the Middle East

Closed Work sign at Mt Nebo

There was something nice about the typography of the letters on this silly construction size that I couldn’t resist sharing it here. Look at the curve on that R. Beautiful.

It wasn’t even clear to me what this sign was trying to tell me. It didn’t seem like there was anything beyond it as we were only 15 feet from the edge of the cliff here and there was a whole separate viewing platform just to the right.

Map at Mount Nebo

Thankfully it was a bright and sunny day when I visited Mount Nebo so we were able to catch a glimpse of Jerusalem and Jericho over in the West Bank. Jerusalem isn’t far from this point and it felt nice to be so close again.

Read a little bit more about Mount Nebo over on the On The Go Tours blog.

This is the mountain where Moses first saw the holy land. It’s a special place, even if it’s a minor tourist attraction on most “visit” lists.

  1. What an amazing vantage point! Thanks for posting these photos

  2. Mica says:

    You certainly had a nice sunny day there. When I was there in Feb the weather was the craziest they’d had in years and there was no point in going to the top since visibility was nil. Looks fab. I loved Jordan.

    • Adam says:

      Jordan was great, wasn’t it, Mica? Sorry you didn’t get to go to the top – it was such a surprising tourist stop because it was actually scenic AND interesting!

  3. Samantha Pie says:

    We went to Mt. Nebo but right before Moses’ memorial, there’s a farmer that discovered one of the oldest Mosaics. The Mosaics were part of the Mt. Nebo photo displays. Cost us 2 JD, and so worth seeing. Need to get a guide that can get the farmer to unlock the door to the house that they built to cover the mosaic.

    There’s still marks from the fire places they built over the mosaics.

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