View from the Zero1 Hotel roof balcony & lounge

In Montreal I stayed at the Zero 1 design hotel. Located just a few short blocks from Rue St-Denis, the hotel is near much of Montreal’s student nightlife. It’s also within walking distance of Montreal’s gay district along the street Rue Sainte Catherine. It’s a convenient location to these two popular nightlife destinations and perfectly situated between Montreal’s touristic Old Town and the city’s hipster neighborhood, The Plateau. The rooms are small, but the decor hides the size. Sometimes a room with at least 5 mirrors is all you need to feel special. The hotel used to be a student residency and dormitory, so it’s not surprising that the rooms are tiny. Big windows and BIG mirrors make up for the small rooms. The design hotel also saves space by hiding many of the things you might need in the cabinets and drawers. Look for the only trash can in the room under the bathroom sink. The hotel is probably a good choice if the location in Montreal is right for you, and if you’re not planning a long stay. The continental breakfast in the mornings was a bit on the sad side—just muffins with coffee & tea. A bit surprising for a city famous for their bagels. Hotel staff was friendly and helpful. It was a basic design hotel which had a lot of stylistic character, but seemed also a bit still and stale at times. There was no restaurant or bar, but it seems there are plans underway to add that to the hotel.

Zero1 01 René-Lévesque Blvd. Est, Montréal

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  1. Montreal is definitely an awesome city. I highly recommend checking it out!

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  3. Gosh Adam, I didn’t realize you had gone to Montreal as well! You’re becoming more Canadian than I am… ;-)

  4. Gosh Adam, I didn’t realize you had gone to Montreal as well! You’re becoming more Canadian than I am.. ;-)

    • Adam

      Haha, yep – Although, are there really any other cities in Canada besides Toronto and Montreal. I’m under the impression that’s all you’ve got up there.

      • Stephen

        Haha – that’s kind of insulting.

        Vancouver is often ranked as one of the best Cities in the world. It’s also a fairly large City.

        I don’t understand this blog post about a hotel in Montreal. Montreal is amazing (it’s where I live) – and it’s certainly the funnest City in Canada.

        Missed opportunity?

      • Stephen

        Ahhh – Le Plateau isn’t so much the hipster quarter – aim more towards The Mile-End, Mile Ex, Saint-Henri or Griffintown (but Mile-End is definitely THE hipster neighbourhood).

        There’s also a differentiation between “Village” and “Hors du village” (out of the village) – usually the gay hipster crowd. Mile End has a handful of cool hipster gay dance joints, example.

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