The NYC subway is one of many symbols that stereotypically represents New York City. With the iconic logo and typeface, it’s certainly one of the most important things to see in New York City. Which is good, because it’s also quite useful for getting around (often quicker than a taxi)!

Any visit to NYC should include a ride on the metro. I just found this infographic which highlights some of the best reasons why the NYC Subway makes such a great tourist attraction. Let me know what you think in the comments below: do you ride public transportation when traveling in new cities?

The iconic NYC subway

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NYC Subway infographic

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  1. Verstopte Goten

    needless to say such as your web-site however you must examine the transliteration with quite a few of this content. A number of these are filled along with punctuational challenges and I locating them really frustrating to make sure the truth alternatively I’m going to surely revisit once more.

  2. Tech Blog

    Love the infographics, great job!

  3. Britany

    As much as I occasionally hated the subway (like those times I had arms full of groceries during rush hour) this makes me miss NYC and all of its craziness!

    • Adam

      Yeah, tourists and locals have very different perspectives of subway systems in general. I know Londoners tend to complain about the Tube while many travelers I’ve met find it one of the best transport systems in the world!

  4. Cathy Sweeney

    I enjoy riding public transit in cities I visit. Most recent new city was Vienna — great system there. I love the subway in NYC (although walking is my favorite way of getting around there)- you really get the city vibe and it’s such an efficient way to get around the city.

    • Adam

      Same here, Cathy—I love me some public transport. Vienna has a pretty nice system, I’ll agree.

      I find NYC to be fun to walk around with, but I actually get turned around quite a bit—even with the clear grid system.

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