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Cupcake decorating in Brighton

One of the things I didn’t get to do much of last year while traveling was baking and cooking. I don’t spend much time in the kitchen, but on my recent trip to Brighton, I had the opportunity to do a bit of cupcake eating (oh, and decorating!)

Brighton is generally known as a quirky destination for its wild parties by the beach and its strange & often flamboyant characters. So, on my visit to Brighton last month, one of the things I was invited to do to embrace the quirky culture was…cupcake decorating.

Now, cupcake decorating might not actually be that unusual. But I’m pretty sure the last time I did this I was five or six years old. Regardless, when in Brighton, it’s quite easy to embrace your inner child! And, you know, cupcakes are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! (I’m gay—cupcakes are part of my language.)

The cupcake decorating class was held by Angel Food Bakery in their kitchen. Our friendly host made some buckets (yes, buckets) of frosting. If you’ve ever made frosting then you know how disgusting it can be—so so so so much butter! But it’s quite easy to ignore this fact when you’ve got your mouth wrapped around a cupcake.

I learned a few little tricks on how to pour the frosting in interesting ways, but I was most interested in the other ingredients. We pretty much had free range with the sprinkles and other decorations so we could do what we like. I think mine turned out decent, but hey, I’m no cupcake expert!

And though my cupcakes may not have been the prettiest, they were still delicious!

Feeling a bit homesick with this one!

Details for cupcake decorating in Brighton

I’m not sure how many places in Brighton offer cupcake classes, but I went to the Angel Food Bakery.
20 Meeting House Lane
+44 (0) 1273 208404
@FoodAngels | Facebook

My trip to gay trip to Brighton was sponsored by the city’s official tourism department. You can find more information about the city as well as hotel & tour information on their official tourism site:

  1. Andrea says:

    Looks like fun!

  2. Lilies Diary says:


  3. heike says:

    This makes me nevous. I am lacking absolutely ANY baking or decorating talent! Must be real hard work. I once tried to buy frosting in germany to save time. I didn’t get any until I found the english shop. Love frostings. Saves MUCH time. ;-)

    • Adam says:

      Hahah Heike! It’s really not difficult. Basically a lump of butter into a pile of sugar all mixed up – pretty disgusting, actually. Decorating is a challenge though – It took me several tries to try and squeeze the frosting onto the cakes in a decent manner.

  4. Heather says:

    I’ll be in Brighton in a couple of weeks and had just read about cupcake decorating at another shop. Maybe something I should think about O:-) Any excuse for baking and sugar.

    • Adam says:

      Ah, nice! Brighton is fun. Definitely stop by this shop if you can… it was really nice and I’m pretty sure they only use free-range/organic eggs in all their products.

  5. Annette | Bucket List Journey says:

    I am just a tad green with envy! Who wouldn’t want to go to Brighton and make colorful cupcakes?

  6. Meghan's Guilty Pleasures Travel Blog says:

    Love the area! Will check this out next time I’m in Brighton.

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  8. To work on any eatable for decorating it without spoiling its taste and make it more tasteful.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Cupcake decorating -and eating- sounds like so much fun! What an off-the-beaten-path way to spend an afternoon.

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