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Travels, photos and features from Malmö, in southern Sweden

Malmö Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the best things to do and see in Malmö

Malmö in southern Sweden is one of the country’s more alternative cities. With cool museums, a small but fun nightlife scene and a laid-back atmosphere, it has a lot to offer visitors. Start here with my basic Malmö travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Malmö travel blogs.

When to Visit

The time of year you visit Malmö will definitely have an impact the type of experience you’ll have there, but you’ll still be able to find cool things to do any time of year! Temperatures vary a lot, with winters typically wet and cold, while summers are mild and sunny, but often rainy too!

Generally speaking, any time between May and September is a good time to visit Malmö for the best weather…but there are no guarantees, so come prepared for rain and cold either way!

Top Things To See

Moderna Museet  Part of the same collection from Stockholm, this small museums is full of surprises. The museum is designed from top to bottom, from the submarine-like toilets to the yellow lockers named after famous painters.

Malmöhus Castle – The oldest renaissance castle in the country, the oldest part of this structure dates back to the 15th century and is now home to three popular sights in Malmö: the Museum of Art, the Natural History Museum and the Tropicarium.

Turning Torso Tower – The tallest tower in Sweden, this unusually designed ‘skyscraper’ defines the Malmö skyline and is so called because of the 90 degree twist in its design from street level to the top at over 190 meters up.

Malmö Tours

Although it’s a relatively small city, taking a tour around Malmö will save you time and get you in to some areas of the city you might otherwise overlook, so it’s definitely worth you time to consider one. Take a look at this selection of Malmö tours.

LGBTQ – Gay Malmö Travel Guide

As Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö has a decent amount of gay life, despite being relatively small. If you’re craving more, you can always hop across the bridge to nearby Copenhagen for more! These are a few of the best things you should know about visiting gay Malmö.

Wonk – Come on Saturdays for their big gay party! There are two separate dance floors, connected by three bars and they also do karaoke intermittently. It attracts a pretty mixed crowd.

Taboo – This pleasant and welcoming sex shop has been around for more than 50 years and is still going strong. The staff are friendly and helpful and they have a nice range of bondage gear and toys to choose from.

SLM Malmö – It’s a fetish club for men featuring different nights for fans of leather, rubber, sportswear and uniform. Something a little unexpected in perhaps Sweden’s quaintest and most pleasant city!

More gay travel resources here.

Malmö Hotel Deals

Malmö has plenty of hotels including all the big chains you’d expect. They’ll likely get full when there’s a conference or special event in town, so definitely consider booking in advance.

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Malmö Travel Blogs