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Hotel Rival Stockholm

Stockholm Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the coolest things to do and see in Stockholm

Stockholm Guide for Hipsters

When to Visit

In summer, days are very long in Stockholm and conversely, in winter they are very short. The nature around Stockholm is quite lovely, so if you’d like to get out of the city a bit and enjoy it, undoubtedly the best time to visit is in summer. Like much of Scandinavia, remember that August is when most Swedes take summer holidays so some scenic spots, especially on the coast, do get busy.

Generally speaking, any time between May and September is a good time to visit Stockholm for the best weather to be able to enjoy the city outdoors, but there are no guarantees, so come prepared for rain and cold either way!

Cool Things To Do

Visit the Fotografiska – With so many cool art and design museums in Stockholm, it can be hard to pick just one, but if you really only have time for one, make it the Fotografiska. This photography museum hosts some of Sweden’s best contemporary photography exhibitions and the museum is open late in the evenings.

Go vintage shopping in Södermalm – Definitely the most hipster neighborhood in Stockholm, there are plenty of great shopping opportunities on this island to the south of the old town. Some highlights are Grandpa which has a meticulously curated selection of products, and Silvetto with an in-house barbershop and book and magazine collection.

Party at Trädgården – Open in the summertime, this odd collection of buildings and outdoor public places is located at the southern end of the Södermalm island beneath a bridge. Here’s where you’ll find some of the best DJs alongside an art gallery, sport spaces and crowds of Stockholm hipsters.

Stockholm Tours

Take a look at this selection of Stockholm tours to help you get yourself oriented in the city and make the most of your time there.

LGBTQ – Gay Stockholm Travel Guide

Stockholm is easily the most gay-friendly city in Scandinavia, and its proportion of gay life compared to its size is comparable to London, Sydney or even Berlin! Here are some highlights you should know about gay Stockholm.

King Kong – In my opinion, this is Stockholm’s best gay club. Alternative parties take place in this underground space, just at Mariatorget square on Södermalm, with DJs in two different rooms spinning a variety of music from pop and techno beats to schlager music. I highly recommend going on a Wednesday.

Maälarpaviljongen – This ‘straight-friendly’ gay run restaurant and bar located on three floating docks off the island of Kungsholmen serves great food and views. The international staff is friendly and the owners also support charity work at home and abroad, specifically for LGBT individuals.

Stockholm Pride – The largest gay pride event in Scandinavia, the annual festival includes a week of festivities. You have to pay to enter the Pride Village which hosts live music events, but much of the rest of the happenings are open to the public, including exhibitions, lectures and workshops to sexually charged seminars.

More gay travel resources here.

Stockholm Hotel Deals

Stockholm has a reputation for being expensive, and your biggest expense when planning a trip there is going to be accommodation. Of course, there are budget options in Stockholm, but it’s not hard to splash out and find something really luxurious either!

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