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That Stockholm Style – The Coolest Things To Do in Stockholm

When I visited Stockholm for the first time last summer, I wasn’t entirely certain what to expect. I’d heard rumors about the city being one of the trendiest in the world. That didn’t seem so far-fetched for me, considering some of my favorite international designs come from Sweden.

Companies like H&M and IKEA have become so ingrained into our collective global history, sometimes it’s easy to forgot that they’re Swedish. But, in Stockholm—the design and the fashion is so much more than the fast fashion variety.

Sweden has long been at the forefront of fashion, as evidenced by the many shops founded by Swedish designers. When I started looking up cool things to do in Stockholm before my first trip, I really became quickly overwhelmed. The city is relatively easy to navigate, but it was hard to get around the idea that the city is built across 14 different islands.

How was I supposed to find all the cool stuff when it seemed everything was going to be hard to reach?! Luckily—it wasn’t. The city’s subway system was easy to use and got me to just about everywhere I needed to go. And, thankfully, staying at a hotel on Södermalm island, meant I was close to the coolest things anyways.

Below are the five places I visited in Stockholm that I felt really encapsulated the city’s style, its atmosphere. Sometimes when you visit a place, it can be a challenge to find those places which really capture the essence of a city.

A city like Stockholm, with its vast, blue waters, its green parks, its hipsters and its trendy restaurants—thankfully makes it easy to find cool things to do. The city is teeming with places that ooze cool. But the five places I recommend below are my favorites—they have their own interesting stories.

Where to Find That Stockholm Style

5 Cool Things To Do in Stockholm

The Best Place for a Summer Cocktail


When planning my trip to Stockholm, I got a lot of recommendations on things to do and see from friends and followers. But the one place that was repeatedly recommended was this one. (Just don’t ask me how to say it, please!)

Mälarpaviljongen is a bar and restaurant located on banks of Stockholm’s lake. It’s one of those places that’s not explicitly LGBT/gay; it’s popular with everyone. During the day, it’s a great chillout place and with the bar’s regularly hosted events (everything from drag shows to live music), it’s just a cool place to set up camp for a few hours.

The international staff comes from all over, making it an easy place to meet others and make conversation. Plus, with every bottle of rosé wine you buy, you’re supporting their Rainbow Fund which goes to support LGBTQ causes around the world.

The only bad thing about this place is that it’s only open during the summer season (typically from April through September).

Mälarpaviljongen gay bar in summer

The Coolest Cajun Bar/Club/Restaurant

Marie Laveau

This was the first bar I went to on my first night in Stockholm—and everywhere else I went to had to live up to it! The restaurant, with it’s Louisiana-style menu, made for a nice dinner with some really great flavors. I happened to visit Marie Laveau while they were trying some new menu items from the kitchen. A lobster roll sandwich I tried stood out, reminding me of those back home from the USA’s northeast.

While the food was definitely memorable, it was really the atmosphere of the bar which made the place. Like so many of the other bars and restaurants in Stockholm, the venue doubles (triples?) as a few different types of places at different times of day. There’s a basement club open late and on weekends, a café in the front and the main restaurant/bar. You’ll find a decent selection of local craft beers available, but the people-watching is as good as the drinks here.

marie laveau bar
Stockholm Brewing craft beer
Marie Leavau - Stockholm
Hipster bar

Stockholm’s Most Stylish Hotel

Berns Hotel

Besides Mälarpaviljongen, Berns Hotel was the next most recommended place for “cool Stockholm.” I stayed here the final few nights of my trip and while I was sad to be on the main island rather than über-hip Södermalm, it turned out not to matter. Because the Berns Hotel didn’t just have a cool design throughout the rooms, but they also had their own clubs and restaurants in the bar. Plus, it’s conveniently located to the gay nightlife of Stockholm.

Unlike other design hotels around the world (especially those that are often a bit pricier), the Berns Hotel doesn’t feel stuffy. The atmosphere is friendly and cool. And while it’s not a “gay hotel,” well—it certainly feels like one! I won’t even tell you the things I got up to here…

The hotel hosts a number of different events throughout the year, including parts of Stockholm Fashion Week and other special concerts and performances, so if you’re traveling alone—it’s not a bad place to get situated. Room prices at the Berns start from 200€/night—pretty much my max limit for a trendy hotel. But for another opportunity to stay at the Berns, I’d gladly pay it for a short weekend trip!

Berns Hotel Stockholm
Berns Hotel
Berns Hotel
Berns Hotel
Berns Hotel

Stockholm’s Best Curated Collection of Fashion & Other Things


There’s been a recent trend in fashion and shopping around the world—”lifestyle shops.” I don’t know if that’s what they’re really called, but it seems like an appropriately vague phrase to describe a place like Grandpa. This shop, founded in 2003, now has a few locations across Stockholm.

They sell everything from beard oils to wall posters. With both men’s and women’s fashion, plus a basement full of home interior products, it’s easy to want to buy something at Grandpa. Inside you’ll find a carefully curated selection of products, but they also have an online shop with shipping throughout Europe.

They also stock a number of different Swedish brands and labels, as well as others from Scandinavia. Some of my favorites include: Happy SocksUniforms for the Dedicated, Sandqvist, Sätila and Knowledge Cotton Apparel.

Grandpa Lifestyle Shopping
Grandpa Sodermalm
Grandpa Vintage lifestyle store
Grandpa Vintage lifestyle store
Fashion & Shopping in Stockholm

Where to Dance All Night—under a bridge!

Trädgården & Under the Bridge

Clearly the coolest thing (or a place) in Stockholm, there’s a large space underneath a bridge in Södermalm where a number of different venues have been set up. Trädgården is the nightclub, but you’ll also find an art space, a radio station and a vegetarian restaurant. Nothing in Stockholm is ever one thing—including their nightclubs!

But the Trädgården area isn’t just for the nighttime. On weekends you’ll find special events and markets in the space. In fact, the whole space under the bridge reminded me so much of Berlin’s clubs—where there are no closing hours and where just about anything and everything could happen.

tradgarden summer club
tradgarden nightlife
tradgarden nightlife

For more Stockholm travel tips, check out the Stockholm City Guide for Hipsters.

  1. Rekha Rajan says:

    Wow…your food & drink photos made me hungry here. Awesome.
    Next time you may want to put a warning ‘may result in increased appetite” ;-)

  2. Absolutely love it! I can’t wait to see the city for myself next year LOL!

  3. Anne says:

    Was great to see this as Ive just booked a weekend in Stockholm in September. Not sure I will be doing too much partying however as I am going for the half marathon!!

    • Adam says:

      Hey Anne – September is when I visited last year and the weather was pretty good, should be perfect for a marathon, too! Enjoy it!

  4. Ellen says:

    Hej Adam! cool to read. I myself live in Stockholm and I must admit, I ‘smirked’ a little bit when I read your post. All great places, although VERY hipster. I usually take friends from home to Marie and Underborn to show people the craziness, and how seriously these hip Swedes take themsleves :P Next time try djurgården, kungsholmen and the city centre (vete katten is a very cute bakery) and if you’re in söder again, morfar ginko, loopen, cafe string or urban deli. Or another rec: take a boat trip out to the archipelago, it’s incredibly pretty

    • Adam says:

      Hi Ellen – Whew! Glad to hear you agree about these places as a local -that’s always the worry! I went to a few of the other places you recommended: Urban Deli was probably one of my favorite hangouts while I was in Södermalm. I’ll definitely check out the other places you suggest, thank you for the tips!

  5. Thanks for the detailed guide, Adam! I Hope soon you’ll write similar articles for other cities!

  6. Tina says:

    Great guide Adam. Thanks.. Maybe next year I’ll find my feet in Stockholm.

  7. Reiseblog says:

    Nice pictures, but please don’t tell me you’ve not been to the great ABBA-Museum? You have to visit it… you will walk in and dance out! :-)

    • Adam says:

      Hahah yeah – I went to the ABBA Museum this summer. It was kind of interesting, but not really my stye so I didn’t enjoy it as much as some other stuff in Stockholm

  8. noel says:

    Adam, these are all fantastic places to explore and visit the capital city of Stockholm. Here are a few more of my favorite things to do in Stockholm.

  9. Wow! I always imagine these type of stuff before i plan for my travel. Stockholm food is also a pretty much awesome. Thanks for the great post!

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