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Travel blogs, travel photos and features from the capital of Australia, Sydney

Circular Quay, Sydney

Sydney Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the best things to do and see in Sydney

Sydney, also known as the Harbour City, is Australia’s largest, most diverse and arguably most interesting city. Start here with my basic Sydney travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Sydney travel blogs.

When to Visit

The best time to visit Sydney is in the summer months (December to February) if you wish to spend time on the beaches and be sure of warm, sunny days. That said, the weather is quite pleasant most of the year, though in winter there are more likely to be rainy days and you’ll definitely want to put on a sweater in the evenings.

Regardless of when you visit Sydney, there’ll always be cool stuff going on, so no matter the weather you certainly won’t get bored!

Top Places To Visit

Spice Alley – For cheap and homely Asian food, don’t look anywhere else but Spice Alley. In the Chippendale neighborhood, this small street has every kind of East Asian comfort food you could want.

Bondi icebergs pool – On probably the most famous beach in Sydney you can find the splendid ocean pools which have been a landmark on the suburban coast for more than 100 years. Take a dip, use the attached sauna or just admire them from afar!

Art Gallery of New South Wales – One of the most important art museums in Australia, this place has an impressive collection of Australian, European and Asian art. Best time to visit is on a Wednesday evening when it’s open late and holds talks, film screenings and more.

Sydney Tours

Sydney is a huge city with many varied neighborhoods. Taking a tour around to get to know different parts of the city will likely save you both time and money and get you into places that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

LGBTQ – Gay Sydney Travel Guide

Undoubtedly the most gay-friendly destination in all of Australia, Sydney has tons of gay life to discover. These are a few of the best things you should know about visiting gay Sydney.

Obelisk Beach – Of course Bondi Beach is a great option for experiencing Sydney’s outdoor life, and it’s popular with the LGBT community, but Obelisk Beach is much less crowded and has a larger contingent of queer visitors, mostly because it’s a nudist beach!

The Midnight Shift – The best-known gay bar in Sydney, this place puts on an impressive array of drag performances, has two dance floors, brings in popular DJs and has six bars!

Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – Perhaps the most famous gay street party in the world, celebrations begin on the the second Thursday in February each year and go on for almost a whole month. It dates back to the 1970s and attracts a huge crowd, from all over Australia and beyond.

More gay travel resources here.

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