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Sexy & Gay Christmas Gifts (Adults Only)

Note: This holiday gift list is definitely X-rated and while it’s safe-for-work, it’s 100% adult-themed. If sexual topics aren’t your thing, please read this blog of pretty pictures from around the world instead. Otherwise: read on for my favorite sexy gifts to give to men, especially gay men, this holiday season!

Please note some of these links may generate a small commission for the publisher, but at no added cost to you.

Oftentimes when we make our Christmas and holiday gift lists, we tend to think of those things that we really want or need, things like games and toys, or big electronic devices, and fun tech stuff. That’s all well and good, and great for big family holidays. But for many young adults and millennials, the holidays are as much a time for love, romance, dating, or just the basic single life.

If you’re planning an adults-only Christmas holiday with friends and lovers, you can definitely have a lot more fun with the gift-giving. Give these to those thotty men in your life, the ones who never stop posting #instagay thirst traps.

Or buy something for your partner to spice up your love life during these cold winter months. Or, hell, buy it for yourself and your own personal joy! Or, yes, you can even buy them as gag gifts for a friend that you know they’ll actually secretly use and be thankful for.

Sexy (and gay) Holiday Gifts for Men

Dirty Clothing

No, I don’t mean dirty, dirty. And I don’t mean that cheap kind of humor that relies on boob and butt jokes. Rather, buy that sexy man in your life an artful but sexy design. As fashion becomes more attainable for more people, and thanks to the rise of so many independent designers who can print their creative & unique prints on on-demand clothing, there’s been a huge rise in new & funky fashion.

Spend an hour on Etsy, or even just browsing Instagram, and you’re bound to stumble on some designer with their own . Some of my favorite queer artists print their designs and sell them online. Check out some of these: — Gay clothing, gifts, lifestyle & home goods with promiscuous-themed illustrations and words.

Rufskin.comMade in California, this brand sales denim, sportswear, swimwear, underwear, and leisurewear. — A small Brooklyn-based queer DJ, I first discovered them on Instagram. Their small queer fashion is mostly funky prints of sex-positive and queer themes. — A Dallas-based designer selling mostly hipster street-style fashion with a queer aesthetic (think: a lot of mesh). Another Dallas-based designer, you’ll see a lot of their designs on drag queens and porn stars.

Sexy underwear

I know I write a lot about sexy underwear, but there’s a reason: it’s a simple but empowering gift. Most men’s underwear you’ll find in department stores or the fast fashion brands are usually boring, basic prints that don’t accentuate the male anatomy.

Underwear should be empowering, and that’s why it’s always a great gift for your partner. There are too many sexy gay men’s underwear brands to list, but again: I’ve found my favorite styles browsing on Instagram. Big gay brands like Andrew Christian, Addicted, ES Collection, JJ Malibu, aussieBUM, Garcon model, or Barcode are classic gay favorites.

Classic high-fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Gucci, Christian Dior, Versace, Giorgio Armani, or others are also great sexy underwear gifts. Especially because many of those high fashion brands sell jockstraps and other sexy styles of men’s underwear.


Just because the holidays are busy and stressful doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to make time for romance. Sex can be the perfect pick-me-up to a depressing winter weekend.

Giving lubricant as a present is an amazing way to rekindle the fire or support sexual health and wellness for loved ones. Plus, who wouldn’t want to try a new lube? Wicked Sensual Care sells a huge variety of lubes, including ones that feature temperature activation with Heat or Chill, glycerin-free products, and other flavors.

Sex Toys

Spice up that holiday romance with some extra fun in the bedroom—with any variety of sex toys. Prostate massagers, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, even edible lubes or oral sex numbing mints are fun gifts for a partner.

Aneros makes one of the original prostate massagers—a simple toy that can liven up any sexual encounter.

Porn subscription

With the rise of OnlyFans and other membership-style porn subscription services, it seems porn is only more and more accessible. Its also often very much free to access in a lot of ways, but

all those individual entrepreneurs with their own Just for Fans or OnlyFans accounts—why not show some support over the holidays and actually, for once, pay for porn?

Buy it as a gift for a loved one, or buy a friend’s subscription just to show some support.