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Your Ultimate Guide to 2013 Summer Beach Fashion

Things are finally heating up in northern Europe which can only mean two things: more (pale) skin is showing…and there’s a lot more color outside! I don’t know about you, but when the sun is out, I opt for brighter colors in my wardrobe. And with my frequent trips to some of Europe’s best beaches this summer, you can bet I’ve had my eye on what other guys were wearing (or weren’t). I’ve pulled together all my favorite items I’ve worn to the beach this summer to give you a bit of insight on what’s fashionable at the beach.

beach fashion summer 2013

What to Wear to the Beach This Summer

Bright colors

Colors have always been popular in beach towns, but while browsing clothing shops, one thing that stood out has been the incredible amount of neon. Hopping between several stores in Barcelona, there seemed to be neon flip-flops, neon shirts, neon hoodies—neon everything. A bit of color never hurt anyone!

The bright-color trend seems to have carried over into more than just shirts and tops, though. Swatch has been making brightly colored watches for years—and for relatively cheap usually under 50€.

Tank tops & tees

Is there any better place to wear a sexy tank top than on a beach? I didn’t think so. When on a beach trip, I prefer to stay cool during the day by wearing as few clothes as possible. That means a simple tank top. Hipster favorites include tanks and tees from Topman, Jack & Jones and Primark.

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I don’t know if it’s just me learning to adapt to the European style, but I certainly spied more than a fair share of speedos on the beaches this summer. When visiting Miami Beach a few weeks ago, I was hopping to spot more Americans wearing speedos, but that was unfortunately not the case at the Fontainebleau Pool Party. However, over on the beach, there were plenty of men sporting sexier swimsuits than your typical board shorts.

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Evening wear for the beach

While during the day I tend to wear as few clothes as possible, at night when temperatures have cooled and all that sand has been brushed off, I polish up with a bit more style. A simple polo shirt (one of my favorites is a classic Penguin Polo — it always gets me compliments!) and a nice pear of jeans (this Etnies pair from FreeStyle Extreme are my current favorite pair). Whether it’s a stylish pair of sneakers or flip-flops (especially if the party’s on the beach), shoes are often my last worry on a beach holiday.

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What are your favorite fashion tips for the beach? I tend to go for bright colors and simple, classic styles. Best to keep things simple so you’re not competing with the amazing sunsets and other beach views.

  1. Charlotte says:

    Ahhh this post is timely – I’m headed to the Galapagos Islands soon was am preparing for the beach. I’m female so can’t comment on the specifics haha- but here’s something I think can apply to both genders:

    I love looking good on the beach, but I also think comfort and practicality need to be considered. For example, if I’m planning to spend a whole day at the beach, I won’t wear a tight tank top that’s going to make me uncomfortable 2 hours in – no matter how sexy it looks. And if you’re going to be sweating, you want something breathable obviously. I also like having a thin beach shirt or dress I can easily pull over my bikini, for when it’s time to head into a cafe for a quick bite, or walking around if I’m beach hopping. Wrap skirts are also great for this purpose. I’m not super conservative but do like to be slightly more covered when wandering slightly away from the beach. Also, totes agree with you on the bright colors.

    • Adam says:

      Wow Charlotte – thank you for your amazingly helpful comment. I think you’re spot on.

  2. Freya says:

    I’ll go for the bright colors

  3. Blair H says:

    I will definitely be sporting Vests, but im not to sure about the bright colours!!
    I tend to like my greys and lighter colours more.
    Bring on SUMMER :D

  4. Jam @icoSnap says:

    Hi Adam! I have been a long fan of your blog, your post are so fun to read and very informative. It is indeed getting very hot in Europe, and the trend I’m noticing among girls are the crop tops which I think are quite cool and trendy. And for guys the neon bright tanks.

    • Adam says:

      Hey Jam,
      Thanks for the nice comment. Neon has definitely seemed like the “in” color this summer.

  5. flipnomad says:

    Great tips Adam!

  6. I merely would not go away your site ahead of implying that i incredibly liked the usual information somebody deliver within your readers? Will be once more generally so as to look at fresh articles

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