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  1. louise cowitz
    6 May 2014

    which is easier to go from Tel Aviv to Beit Shemesh, super bus or train
    is there a bus from beit shemesh to ben gurion airport

  2. BBH
    13 October 2013

    I’m an Israeli and when I was younger some guy from Denmark told me the big amount of guns give him an Uncomfortable feeling, and here I see it again.
    only when I been in India and sew all the police forces in Varanasi during a holiday I understood it. it looks so natural to me (and I was one of the gun holders myself. it’s something Israelis never notice

  3. Erin Bender (Travel With Bender)
    3 August 2013

    Excellent tips, seems it’s pretty easy to get around… We hired a car & fuel is crazy!

    • Adam
      5 August 2013

      Oh yes – I hired a car once before and though the rental was pretty cheap, the fuel definitely was not!

  4. nicole
    20 July 2013

    My friend went on a birthright trip there a couple of years ago. And I’ve been wanting to go ever since! She had so much fun and learned so much about Israel. I think this article may help when I finally get to go on a birthright trip (oh wait. I don’t have that. Whatever, still going to go).

    • Adam
      21 July 2013

      Haha, well I hope you do make it to Israel eventually. Those Birthright trips can be rather constricting and they keep the people on the tours pretty sheltered, so if you do go, I definitely suggest stretching your legs and enjoying the many other things to do and sights to see across Israel (and Palestine!). Public transport is definitely the cheapest and relatively easiest way to get around as well.

  5. Brittney
    16 July 2013

    Thanks for this blog entry, super helpful!!

    • Adam
      16 July 2013

      Glad you found it helpful Brittney. That’s the end goal :)

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