When I set out on my 2-week trip to Italy, I had one thing on my mind: Italian food. For the first few days in the country, I successfully managed to have pizza and gelato every day. That relatively unhealthy trend continued for several days and culminated with a search for the best pizza in Rome.

In each & every city I visited in Italy I used whatever means necessary to try and find the local favorite spot for a slice of pizza (that’s pizza al taglio). Using Foursquare, Couchsurfing and Twitter I was able to find the best pizzas in Venice and Florence but I was starting to doubt my skills by the time I got to Rome. There were just too many food options.

Thankfully I took the advice of Keane Li and arranged to take a walking tour of Rome’s best restaurants & local food markets. The food & walking tour gave me a great introduction to the food culture in Rome. The tour also provided me with a handy map and guide to Rome which featured some of the tour guides’ favorite places to eat in Rome!

So with a renewed interest in food, I decided to visit one of the top recommended pizzerias in Rome: Formula 1. Maybe it was the name that first got my attention. After all, I’d just seen my very first Formula 1 race a few weeks before.

The Formula 1 pizzeria seems to be a staple of college and university students in Rome. Probably because of its location near one of Rome’s biggest universities and that the pizza is both tasty and cheap! Reviews say it’s not the best pizza in Rome, but my quattro formaggi pizza was one of the best I’ve ever had. Just look at all that delicious cheese!!

I really enjoyed the Formula 1 pizzeria for a few reasons:

  • it was easy to find near the Termini station
  • it was very obviously in a cool, hip area of town
  • it was busy and bustling even late at night
  • it was some of the cheapest pizza I had in Rome
Maybe it’s not the best but with my limited time in the city, it was the best pizza I had in Rome!

And if you’re looking for more tips about the best pizza in Rome, be sure to check out this Rome food blog.

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  7. If you go to Barcelona, head to Castelldefels, find Dominos and order the goat’s cheese and caramelised onion one. Only had it once so maybe it was just a good day for the shop but really, Best. Pizza. Ever.!!!

  8. The best pizza I have ever had ( and I’ve lived in NY my entire life) was in Milan, after a long day of traveling (food always tastes better after long days). I, unfortunately, don’t remember the restaurant, but 11 years later my family still reminisces about that pizza.

  9. Salivating after going through this post!! Yum!

  10. I love the Gado Gado life (been in Indonesia a month so far) but PIZZA in ROME sounds GREAT! YUM! Lisa

  11. That pizza does look amazing, especially to someone who’s been in Asia for eight of the last nine years. Even Rome’s worst pizza would probably top anything various restaurants here have tried to pass off as pizza.

  12. I worked in pizza for 8 years before, during and after college, and now I review restaurants as part of my job. So, in the process, I’ve become a bit of a pizza snob. Neapolitan-style pizza is all the rage in Atlanta right now, so I would HAVE to go to Napoli to check it out straight from the course.

  13. “Best pizza in Rome” ..or anywhere in Italy, most likely, will always be of interest to hungry travelers! We ate our fill on our own 2-week jaunt last summer too. Thanks for the memories. Perhaps after sampling some of these places’s pizza, travelers can follow up with dessert from one of the best gelato spots in Rome!

  14. Waegook Tom

    That cheese looks amazing! Now I know where to head for pizza in room at a decent price. Also, researching these kinds of posts must be hard, right? The things we travel bloggers do sometimes ;)

  15. Stephen

    Showing up in a city with a mission is always a cool idea and usually puts you in interesting positions and n contact with more people. And what better thing to search out than the best pizza.

    • Adam

      I was on a quest to find the best shawarma in the Middle East a few years back. So many of my travels are focused around foods, hah!

  16. mom

    Love the pizza in Italy.

  17. OH.My.GOSH. yes. i would book a trip to rome just on the basis of that photo!

    • Adam

      …and you’d probably never leave because there are a million other amazing restaurants in Rome!

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    • Adam

      Thanks Terry – it was a good one. I don’t normally go for this type of pizza, but was glad I did!

  19. I swear my whole mouth filled with saliva when I saw that picture! xx

    • Adam

      Haha Scarlett – thanks for the mental picture!

  20. Nice one! I will see if I could get there to try it out!

    • Adam

      Let me know if you do get to try it Lex – would be curious of someone else’s opinion, too!

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