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JustFly Reviews: 5 Places to Visit in Europe For Young Travelers

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Europe is an interesting destination for young travelers. The continent is perfect for those on a budget and because of the many countries and diversity in Europe, there’s quite literally something for everyone. First time travelers to Europe will find plenty of activities and culture, whether it’s discovering history through museums or skiing in the Alps. It’s the perfect starting point for beginner travelers in their twenties.

Whittling down a list of Europe’s most awesome destinations isn’t easy, but there are plenty of stand-out European cities. Here are five great destinations for first-time travelers—places that are easy to visit solo or with other young traveler friends.

5 of Europe’s Best Destinations for Young Travelers

Barcelona - Cool Things To Do

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the first places you can visit while you’re in Europe. Packed with history and culture in every old street alley, the city is bursting with life and energy at all times of day. Barcelona is the historical home to many artistic achievements and legendary artists, from Gaudi to Miro. The city’s art history is easy to spot in Barcelona’s iconic architecture and in the many museums.

Barcelona is a cultural treasure by day and a party haunt at night. It has some of the best beaches in Europe for young people to meet fun new friends. The Barceloneta beach is a great place to meet others, and you’ll even find buskers selling cheap beers and other drinks along the boardwalk.

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Budapest, Hungary

For young travelers on a budget, Budapest is a great destination to visit. The party scene is one of Europe’s best—even the famous Budapest spas turn into nightlife venues at least once a month. But besides the party scene, Budapest has a rich culture and a pleasant city life. There’s no time to be tired of everything with all the shops, cafes, pubs, museums, and architecture to take in.

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Berlin in One Day - What To See & Do -

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is filled with culture and an impressive arts scene: museums, galleries, monuments and plenty of history. It’s Europe’s unofficial most hipster city (even the Kreuzberg neighborhood just won a designation as Europe’s most hip neighborhood). By day, the “hip” bars and historic neighborhoods are crowded with tourists, street life and activities. By night, the city comes alive even more with 24-hour, anything-goes nightlife.

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Hipsters in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is a great traveling choice—especially for foodies! The city—as lively, historic, and cultured as any on this list—is famous for chocolate, waffles, and beer. Spend the day ogling the magnificent architecture in the Brussels town center, visiting the Manneken Pis sculpture or hanging out with the locals in one of the famous cafes or plazas.

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Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh, Scotland

Home to the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, this Scottish city makes for a great city break for European travelers. The city is walkable and easy to take in, the architecture is magnificent (just take a stroll through the Old Town up to Edinburgh Castle), and there’s a huge café and student culture in the city. It’s a friendly and welcoming city for all types of travelers, and the warm-hearted Scots make the city a great destination for first-time travelers.

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Europe is one of the most dynamic and interesting places to visit in the world—from the picturesque villages of southern Spain to the arctic villages in Scandinavia. Europe’s charms lie not just in the big metropolis cities but also in the small-town villages, the nature trails, the ski resorts and the Mediterranean beaches. There’s truly something for every type of traveler and in every season, too.

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