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Hufeisensiedlung UNESCO World Heritage Site in Berlin

Exploring Berlin’s Modernist Architecture at the Hufeisensiedlung

One of Berlin’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Hufeisensiedlung is a colorful housing complex of the Berlin modernist architectural style

Berlin refelction

My Berlin Story: The How, Why & When I Became an Expat

The story of how I became an expat in Berlin – from a summer trip to Berlin to three years living in Europe’s most livable city

Berlin, Germany

5 Reasons I Love Traveling around Germany

From classical history to modern design, Germany is one of the best countries in Europe for travel because of it’s diverse history & landscape

Amsterdam canal

Amsterdam is Prettier Than You Think: Instagramming Amsterdam

My best Instagram photos of Amsterdam, proving that Amsterdam is prettier than you might originally think


Texas Tastes so Good!

Okay, so it’s not really Texas that I’m talking about—more like the most brilliant blend of cultural foods, affectionately called Tex-Mex. Oh, and barbecue.

Amsterdam Noord - Hipster Amsterdam

Warehouses, Beaches and Organic Food: Exploring Amsterdam’s Hipster ‘Hood in the North

Amsterdam’s Noord neighborhood is off-the-beaten path, full of cool restaurants & art projects & a great place for a unique day out

Amsterdam Noord - Hipster Amsterdam

My Travel Video Diary: The Search for Awesome in Amsterdam

My travel video diary as the ‘STA Travel Insider’ – visiting Amsterdam and discovering the cool things to do with

Amsterdam at Night

A’DAM FINALLY! Visiting Amsterdam for the First Time

My first impressions of Amsterdam

Travel Fashion Essentials: How to look good, travel well & pack light

How to Look Good, Travel Well & Pack Light: Basic Travel Fashion Tips

Want to travel in style? These easy-to-pack items will make your travel a bit more fashionable

ROA street art in Cologne

Street Art by ROA in Cologne’s Ehrenfeld Neighborhood

Ehrenfeld in Cologne is a great place to discover Cologne street art. This mural by Belgian artist ROA is one of the highlights

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