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Travel blogs, photos and features from Aichi Prefecture in central Japan

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Aichi Prefecture Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the best things to do and see in Aichi Prefecture

Located in Japan’s central Shoryudo region, Aichi Prefecture is most famous for being the home to Toyota. It’s capital, Nagoya, is also Japan’s fourth largest city by population, but the surrounding countryside is equal parts industrial and scenic. Two large peninsulas make up part of Aichi Prefecture’s coast, so there’s lots of coastal activities, as well (of course) fresh seafood. Start here with my basic Aichi Prefecture travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Aichi Prefecture travel blogs.

When to Visit

The region is a year-round destination thanks to the local industry, but in the Japanese autumn you’ll find plenty of great activities and experiences to enjoy Japan’s iconic autumn colors.

Top Things To Do

Aichi Prefecture is home to some of Japan’s more popular business cities, but there are plenty of tourist things to enjoy in the region, too. Nagoya is home to several unique and interesting tourist attractions.

Things to do in Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya Castle – One of Japan’s many castles, the Nagoya Castle was unique because it lasted for centuries without damage until WWII. Today, most of the castle has been reconstructed including the main structure built now out of concrete and a smaller palace with traditional paintings built in wood. Further reconstruction is planned over the next years.

Arimatsu – A small neighborhood in Nagoya, Arimatsu is home to the region’s historic tie-dying craft. You can even create your own tie-dyes or shop at the local craft stores by visiting the tie-dying museum. The Arimatsu neighborhood is also quite historic with a picturesque street that looks and feels like much of “traditional” Japanese culture—so if you don’t have time to visit further outside the city, it’s a great peek into local culture.

Toyota Automobile Museum – Nagoya’s Toyota Museum is an interesting introduction to the company and one of the city’s top tourist attractions. You can also visit Toyota’s headquarters and showroom in the nearby city of Toyota.

Things to do elsewhere in Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Tokoname – Tokoname is a picturesque town famous for its ceramic artworks. It’s a popular stop on most group tours through Aichi Prefecture thanks to a helpful tourist infrastructure. Many shops sell ceramic teapots and other products—great souvenirs and at an affordable price!

Asuke Old Town – One of the region’s most beautiful spots, Asuke Old Town is a part of the greater Toyota city, but a quick wander through the Old Town and you’ll immediately be transported back in time. The town is especially famous in the autumn for its many Japanese maples and a small mountain which guarantees a lot of Instagram-likes thanks to its natural beauty. The Old Town has a regular market, a small historic village (where you can learn about local Japanese crafts), and it’s not far from the Asuke Castle—on top of a nearby mountain.

Okazaki Castle – Okazaki Castle sits at the point where two rivers meet (which make up part of its moat) and so the nearby land that the castle sits on is especially beautiful. It’s possible to climb up all four floors of the Castle (which already sits on top of a small hill), so you get a panoramic view over the surrounding city. Inside, a museum offers an insight into Japan’s Edo period.

Hacho Miso – Also in the city of Okazaki, the miso manufacturer offers a tour of their facilities. If you ever wondered where miso comes from or what all it can be used for, the factory visit is a quirky and educational look into this very important food aspect of Japanese culture.

Aichi Prefecture Tours

Day trips from Nagoya city center can often be arranged to the outlying neighborhoods. The city’s main transport link, the Centrair Airport, is also conveniently located in the center of the Aichi Prefecture so you can get from there to just about anywhere else.

LGBTQ – Gay Aichi Prefecture Travel Guide

Aichi Prefecture is not one of Japan’s big gay hotspots (that’s reserved for Kyoto and Tokyo) but the capital city Nagoya does have a small bit of LGBT nightlife, including some bars and clubs. Most are likely to be only open on weekends, and regular parties are rare.

More gay travel resources here.

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Aichi Prefecture Travel Blogs

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