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The Modern Man: Autumn Essentials

The Modern Man - September Picks

The Modern Man is a curated selection of my favorite things: books, movies, websites, apps, fashion and accessories. Every recommended product is something I actually own and use, so you can be sure it’s something I honestly recommend. 

It’s officially autumn—for better or worse. Below are some products to brighten up your season as the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler.

Autumn Essentials for the Modern Man


I had a sneak preview of this gay film earlier in the summer and it’s one of the best LGBT films I’ve seen this year. It tells the story of three gay Palestinians living in Tel Aviv.

Created by Jake Witzenfeld, the movie unfolds through some pretty typical experiences familiar for any type of individual, but the three protagonists experience life with their own identity crises. I don’t want to reveal too much, but the story covers issues about Israeli-Palestinian politics, youth, relationships, Zionism, family and sexuality.

‘Keep an eye out for this film, because anyone with an interest in any number of those topics is going to find something to enjoy in Oriented.

Learn more and check for local screenings on their official website:

How to Think More About Sex (The School of Life)

I read this on my Kindle a while back, but as the seasons change, I think it’s time for a reread. Written by the popular author, Alain de Botton, the book takes a relatively taboo subject but presents it in an intellectually stimulating way.

The book presents stories about fetishism, porn, adultery and other aspects of contemporary sexuality—with approachable advice on how to think (and talk) more openly about sex.

Get it on Amazon: How to Think More About Sex


This new “bookazine” is taking the internet by storm! The gay magazine features a different destination in each edition with local boys and local stories. The photography is sexy, stylish, and a bit raw. With a mix of travel and gay cultural stories from the featured men in each edition, the magazine is both authentic and imperfect.

Subscribe on their website ELSKA Magazine or pick it up in any number of bookstores and magazine shops in Canada, USA, England, Germany, Australia and soon many other countries. The November edition is set in Berlin—keep an eye out for it!

Get the magazine online or in select bookshops

Classic Leather Traveler’s Wallet

I received this wallet as a press sample and was unsure how I’d feel about it. I’m not one to typically like any sort of fashion designed especially for travelers—that kind of stuff is usually awkward and ugly. But this wallet is surprisingly nice.

At first I found it awkwardly large (as it’s designed to hold a passport), but the wallet’s size actually fits comfortably inside my back jean pockets. It also achieves its aimed goal of remaining slim, preventing that dreaded wallet bulge.

Get the classic leather traveler’s wallet online:

Sony MDR-1A

Sony Style

Again, I received these as a press sample sometime earlier in the year. They’ve quickly become my go-to headphones whether I’m traveling or in the city. They’re not noise-canceling, but the over-ears design keeps outside noises at bay. I like the simple design and find them to be as good at sound as they are as a fashion accessory.

Buy the Sony MDR-1A Headphones on Amazon

Sweet Bourbon Glaze from Galena Canning Co.

Galena Canning Company

Made with dark brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, bourbon, garlic, red peppers, and molasses, this glaze is so, so yummy. I picked it up when visiting Galena, Illinois on a road trip earlier this year. It’s perfect for brushing on grilled fish or chicken. I can’t get enough of it! The Galena Canning Co. has a whole variety of other speciality food products (I sampled ’em all when I visited their shop) and the best part is they’re all available online for shipping!

Get it at


much gay underwear

I first discovered this Portuguese underwear brand on social media, and after receiving some of the products as a gift from the brand, I’ve been wearing them all over the world—including an underwear party in Stockholm!

Pick up their underwear online:

* * *

And one last fashion tip for the season: Visit the new, small online shop of selected men’s fashion items on the super cool The Idle Man blog & website.